Sample Scorecards

Can voice analytics do this?

Call Criteria’s quality assurance services cut across key industry verticals. We have the capability to customize scorecards to suit your specific industry and provide an integrated solution for diverse and geographically split processes.

Here’s an example of a scorecard customized to the education vertical.

Education Quality Monitoring Evaluation

ID # Question Short Description Long Description Missed points
Section 1: Opening
1.1 Rep Name Identify Yourself

The standard opening script can be rephrased (does not have to be in verbatim) provided that the message is delivered. It's basically just the greeting and the FIRST name of the agent. Example: “Hi, this is Ryan.” OR "Hello, my name is Ryan" OR "Hi, Ryan here.

1.2 Brand Name Identify Brand Name It's all about stating the company's name or brand name. The opening script can be rephrased (It does not have to be verbatim) provided that the message is delivered. -20
1.3 Recording Recorded Line It's all about stating that the call is recorded. The agent must say: " On a Recorded Line" -20
1.4 Provide the reason for the call Provides the reason for the call . The script can be rephrased (It does not have to be verbatim) provided that the message is delivered. -10
Section 2: Verification / Matching

Grad Year What year did you graduate HS or receive GED. If the student does not have any of the two, it will be a mark down in this section only.

2.2 Citizenship US Citizen or Permanent Resident. Lead must either be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident (Green Card Holder). No Student Visas. No US Territories. No leads from Canada. Resident must be living in one of the 50 States. If this question is not asked and verified by the Agent, it should result in a markdown for this section. -20
2.3 Year of Birth Birth Year Verification. Standard Question: What's year were you born? Or What is your birth year? -5
2.4 HLE Verify the person's high level of education. "What is your highest level of education?" -5
2.5 Start Date Planned or desired timeframe to start schooling. If the Start Date was not discussed, we mark off points for this section. Must be asked verbatim: When would you like to start school? In the next 3 months, In the next 6 months, In the next Year. If "In the next Year is not stated, mark off points for the call. If data submitted with record does not match the caller's choice, mark off points for this call. -20
2.6 Area of Interest Did Agent search for area of interest? Did Agent find and match to the correct area of interest? Did the program data submitted with record match the area of study requests. Please take note that whichever program or subject area is chosen has to be the same exact detail provided in the work detail. **NOTE: If the lead is undecided, the agent may provide a list of available programs such as Business, Criminal Justice, Healthcare, Computers, etc to the lead, BUT the Agent can not suggest or select any options without the lead providing the subject area or program as an answer. **Agents may choose up to 2 subject areas for the Lead. Example: Business and Criminal Justice. Again, the Lead must provide a clear answer to the subject areas / programs. A markdown will be required if an agent provides suggestions like: "I'll search for Business for you is that ok? or How about I search for all options?" **Exception: IF Lead is interested in Nursing, Agent may suggest medical assisting and other hands on medical training programs. That does not issue a mark down. ** An agent may suggest or share the programs available in an area of study, as long as the options are presented in the form of QUESTION. Sample Scenario: Agent: In Criminal Justice we have Paralegal, Homeland Security, Criminal Investigation, Forensics. Are you interested in any of those? Lead:Yes Agent: Which among those programs are you interested in? Lead: All of them. Agent: Ok (then proceeds with the call). -20
2.7 Modality/Degree Type * Verify lead's school type preference. "Online, Campus, or Both" * Verifiy lead's degree type reference. Certificate/Diploma, Associates, Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate? **The agent must ask "What type of school should we search for? Online, Campus, or Both? to allow the lead to CLEARLY acknowledge that they are interested in online, campus or both. **The agent must ask "What degree would you like me to search for? NOTE: The Lead can select any or all degree types (Certificates,Diplomas, Associate, Bachelor, Master, etc). Only mark this down when the agent does not ask the Lead these questions. -10
2.8 Permission / School Name Does the school that the agent got permission for match what was sent and displayed on the work record. The agent must inform the lead of the exact name of the school as listed on the API and the exact program name. The location must also be stated if it is part of the school name. Example: Florida Career College - West Palm Beach campus. Agent should verify if the lead has an interest in the school and the program offered by each INDIVIDUAL school (no grouping of permission) and there must be an affirmative response from the lead, before selecting that school and program. The agents may say something like: “Ashford University-Online offers a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Do you have an interest in that?” or “Does that interest you? or Would you like to learn more about that program?” All these would be acceptable. ** If a school was not mentioned during Matching or lead refused a school but was stated in the TCPA statement and is shown in the data, then, we will mark off points for Permission/School Name ONLY. **If the lead refuses a school, KAPLAN as an example, and this school was NOT disclosed in the TCPA statement, but is showing in the data, then, you will mark off points on BOTH "Permission/School Name and TCPA statement. * If a school was never mentioned in the call, but is shown in the data, then you will mark off points on BOTH "Permission/School Name and TCPA statement. In addition, please do not mark off points on Modality, Degree Type and AOI if the school was not discussed, however, data shows, lead was submitted to a particular school and the location, degree type and AOI, is not of the lead's preference. Instead, mark off points on PERMISSION/SCHOOL NAME and TCPA CLOSE ONLY. -20
Section 3: Call Experience
3.1 Promises - Commitments Making promises, commitments or guarantees. "** Discussed Grants, Scholarships, and/or Tuition. If the lead brings up the topic the agent must point the conversation back to the school…”That is a great question for you to ask the school when they call.”

If the lead asks about Financial Aid, Grants and Scholarships, agent MUST dodge the question to the school advisors. agent should NOT provide personal comments at all.

I'm pretty sure you could get financial assistance, unfortunately, I wouldn't know for a fact, you would need to speak to the school's admissions advisors to have that question answered. This is NOT acceptable.

** Any promises/guarantees about the colleges. This includes, but is not limited to:
*This is a great school, *This is a great program,*etc
** Guaranteeing job security. This includes, but is not limited to:
*That is a great career (in more than just a casual manner…it is ok to tell the student that they are smart and have made a good choice but the CSA should not move past that and into commentary on job markets, career opportunities, etc.)
** Accreditation questions, included in this section."

3.2 EDMC JOB Requirement to verify education interest from job seekers If Lead states that they were looking for a job or filling out a job application, Agent should say:"We are not connected to a job application or job search. Are you interested in learning more about education options?" Mark off points for this section if Agent does not ask Lead if they are interested in learning about education options for any job seeker. -20
3.3 Other Interests Was the lead so distracted or otherwise not paying attention that leads should not have been sent? Or did the lead say that they did NOT have an interest in attending school but leads were sent anyway? (OTHER SERIOUS INFRACTIONS) If it sounds like the agent is being TOO pushy then we continue to mark down in this section. ** If the lead said that he is currently enrolled in school and the agent continues with the call then we continue to mark down in this section. If the Lead states they are too busy and the agent does not get clear permission to continue or schedule a call back, then we mark down in this section. -20
Section 4: Contact Information
4.1 First/Last Name Lead's Full Name verification.

Did the agent verify the first and last name of the lead? Spelling out the name is not required. -5
4.2 Mailing Adress Lead's Mailing Address
Did the agent verify the complete mailing address? Including Apartment numbers, PO Box numbers, Floor Numbers. Includes State and City and Zip. -5
4.3 Email Address Lead's Email Address Did the agent verify the email address of the lead? -5
4.5 Phone Number Lead's Phone Number Did the Agent verify the phone number of the leads? -5
Section 5: Closing
5.1 TCPA Statement

The agent should read the TCPA Statement (in bold) word for word. "TCPA STATEMENT
Does , , and have your consent to contact you by email or telephone, including text messages regarding educational services at , even if this number is a wireless number? You understand that these calls may be pre-recorded messages and/or generated using an automated dialing technology. You are not required to give consent to purchase goods or services from these schools. This is simply for these schools to contact you.

Please reply ""Yes"" to provide your consent to be contacted by this school.

SCHOOL NAMES will automatically populate based on the school selected previously in the call. will automatically populate with the Lead's phone number provided during the Contact Information on the call. Failure to get a clear ""YES"" by the Lead at the end of this disclosure should merit a full failure of this section. The Lead can not say: "" Sure, Mmhmm, Ok, yah, mm kay, etc"". It must be a clear ""YES""."

5.2 CLOSING CLOSING Agent should close call professionally. Agent should thank Lead for their time. Agent should inform Lead that SCHOOL(s) will be contacting them. (Time frame does not need to be addressed: Example In the next day, In the next 24 hours, during the next few days). Agent must state the EDU Direct brand name again at the end of the call. -5