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    Call Center QA Services

    Quality Assurance

    Stop using the biased in-house QA Agents that hold your company back from reaching maximum coverage and peak performance.

    • High Accuracy
    • Zero Bias
    • Real Results
    Quality Assurance
    Ai Enhanced 1

    AI Enhanced Speech Analytics

    AI-enhanced speech analytics has the capability to provide automation, speed and predictive insights for your calls.

    • More Data
    • Faster Processing
    • Better Insights


    Get the best performance from your agents, supervisors, and managers with a trackable coaching dashboard.

    • Pinpoint Accuracy
    • Less Time Coaching
    • Better Agent Performance
    Sale Performance

    Sales Performance

    Keeping track of your sales performance has never been easier. Increase your ROI by spotting the performance issues.

    • Maximum ROI
    • Blue-chip Sales Tracking Software
    • Zero Effort

    Sentiment Analysis

    Keywords should not be the only thing analysts review. Words can often be said with different sentiments. Know your calls.

    • Emotion Evaluation
    • Deeper Understanding
    • Better Engagement
    Sentiments Analysis Dashboard Call Center Sentiment Analysis
    Ai Human Verification

    AI Human Verification

    AI is the pinnacle of computer learning. But it still lacks the human element. Ensure accuracy with the right combination.

    • AI Speed
    • Human precision
    • >95.5% Accuracy
    Data Analysis

    Data Analysis

    Analyse every call to have a complete picture and understanding.

    Advanced Dashboard

    Advanced Dashboard

    See exactly what you want, where you want, when you want.

    Actionable Insights

    Actionable Insights

    Visual representations of data provide key insights to act on.

    Conversion Optimization

    Conversion Optimization

    Manage agent rebuttals to maximize your ROI.

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