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We are an affordable, accurate, and fully scalable Call Center Quality Assurance Agency.

Call Criteria is born of the innate understanding that accurate and scalable Third Party Call Center QA services are paramount to boosting efficiency, profitability, and growth.

Unfortunately, for many QA services, Call Center Quality Assurance is best summarized as one of three options:

  • Relying solely on inaccurate voice-to-text technologies
  • Hiring expensive and specialized in-house QA teams
  • Busy team leaders and supervisors doing agent performance reviews

While all of these approaches are very common, it’s easy to see why they are not effective:

  • Voice-to-text Technology cannot replace the accuracy of human hearing
  • Hiring an in-house QA team is expensive and creates biased reviews
  • Only 10% of Managers spend his/her time productively

At Call Criteria, we believe the key to accurate, scalable and affordable third party Call Center QA services lies in a collaborative approach between expert human QA analysts and voice analytics technology (but mostly relying on HUMANS to do the ACCURATE scoring!)

Our Call Center Quality Assurance Services

Evaluating and Scoring
Agent-customer Interactions

Which of your agents have performance issues and why? Call Criteria’s highly dynamic algorithms can identify key strengths and weaknesses in agent-customer interactions allowing you to tailor training accordingly, hence reducing labor costs while driving up productivity rates.

Identifying Key Behaviors and Procedures that Drive Sales

With an excess of 25 million minutes reviewed, we have highly experienced call center quality assurance specialists to help you identify patterns and behaviors that trigger sales in your call center. We can accurately process and present data for quick decision-making.

Keeping Call Centers Compliant

Organizations that have outsourced their QA program to Call Criteria have on average benefited from month over month reductions in compliance violations at a rate of 7%. Our fully scalable and efficient call center QA solution includes features like PCI redaction to give you peace of mind knowing sensitive data such as credit card numbers or social security information is redacted and secure.

Why Choose Call Criteria for your Call Center QA Needs?

Starting at only 20¢ per CALL minute, we are cheaper than the latest QA technologies or hiring an internal QA team. What’s more, we are just as accurate, can scale easily, and provide a full call center QA solution for you to impact positive change in your call center.

Rather than spending valuable time and money monitoring calls manually, we let QA technology do the operational work while experienced human QA analysts dig into the data to capture what technology cannot. For example, our highly dynamic algorithms help identify and manage agents who fall below the fail threshold giving you quick access to the calls that need your attention rather than hunting through the good ones!

Before measuring of performance, you first need to understand what metrics you are looking to improve. We’ll work with your team to understand your business goals and create a custom scorecard that helps measure what matters most for your Call Center operation. For example, financial service organizations find our QA services helpful because it helps them achieve their compliance goals and therefore avoid the costly penalties of failing to do so.

Whether your QA needs revolve around emails, calls, texts, chats or otherwise, Call Criteria’s algorithmic and data-driven approach allows for a highly dynamic and customizable platform while maintaining a flexible and user-friendly UI for quick adoption and integrated coaching facilitation.This puts you in a better place to identify broken processes more quickly and efficiently,  allowing agents to improve their internal systems and deliver productivity benefits as a direct result.


Ushering The Era of Machine-Human Hybrid

Call Criteria is committed to providing call centers of all shapes and sizes with the essential tools they need to thrive and survive in a world riddled with compliance violations and stagnant agent performance. The same collaborative approach between humans and machines that Call Criteria employs to ensure accurate, affordable and fully scalable Call Center QA services has gained traction in many other areas; from solving climate change and geopolitical conflict to Centaur chess.

So if you’re as serious as we are about providing the highest quality customer experience possible, take the next step today and schedule a no-obligation demo to find out how Call Criteria can help guide your organization’s call center performance out of the shadows, and into the limelight of compliance and customer satisfaction.

Experience efficient, affordable and fully scalable call center QA services today.


Organizations that have outsourced their QA program to Call Criteria experienced reductions in compliance violation at a rate of 7%, increased lead conversions at a rate of 12% while improving customer retention at a rate of 9%.

Call us today for a consultation on your call center’s current performance and ideas how to get better performance from your team.