Our Call Center QualityAssurance Services

    Get accurate insights into your Quality Assurance results with the best dashboards on the market.


    Maximize your abilities. Get the right training for the right agent with our laser targeting coaching.


    Keep track of your sales performance and increase your ROI with ease.


    Cutting edge AI-enabled voice analytics solutions that understand human intentions and behaviors.

Why Choose Call Criteria for
your Call Center QA Needs?

Starting at only 20¢ per CALL minute, we are cheaper than the latest QA technologies or hiring an internal QA team. What’s more, we are just as accurate, can scale easily, and provide a full call center QA solution for you to impact positive change in your call center.

Rather than spending valuable time and money monitoring calls manually, we let QA technology do the operational work while experienced human QA analysts dig into the data to capture what technology cannot. For example, our highly dynamic algorithms help identify and manage agents who fall below the fail threshold giving you quick access to the calls that need your attention rather than hunting through the good ones!

Before measuring of performance, you first need to understand what metrics you are looking to improve. We’ll work with your team to understand your business goals and create a custom scorecard that helps measure what matters most for your Call Center operation. For example, financial service organizations find our QA services helpful because it helps them achieve their compliance goals and therefore avoid the costly penalties of failing to do so.

Whether your QA needs revolve around emails, calls, texts, chats or otherwise, Call Criteria’s algorithmic and data-driven approach allows for a highly dynamic and customizable platform while maintaining a flexible and user-friendly UI for quick adoption and integrated coaching facilitation.This puts you in a better place to identify broken processes more quickly and efficiently,  allowing agents to improve their internal systems and deliver productivity benefits as a direct result.

Industries We Serve


Education and learning are at the heart of economic productivity and growth. And we know it!

Educational institutions are some of the busiest organizations in the current climate. There are often engaged in hundreds of tasks at the same time and can easily become overwhelming for everyone involved. However, Call Criteria have proven themselves with some of the largest educational institutes in the world. We have assisted with the growth of some of the largest companies by up to 1000% in both agent and call numbers.


Insurance call regulations are strict and constantly changing. Call Criteria stays ahead of the game and makes sure you do too.

With the constant changes in stringent regulations for call centers in the insurance sector, it can be difficult to ensure that all of your agents are keeping within them. Doing so could save you from huge fines and even lawsuits. Call Criteria specialize in the regulations, while always staying ahead of the game. We know, and implement changes in the sector before they come into force, so that you have no reason to worry.


Mortgage regulations are just as difficult as the insurance sector. Ensure that your agents are conforming to the standards.

Mortgage call centers often have a lot of detailed and complex scoring systems that spreadsheets will not handle. Our customized scorecards and specifically trained agents are fully equipped to handle many channels of communication and volumes that mortgage sector contact centers handle.


Generating results in the automotive sector with a high return of investment, all while keeping compliance regulations.

Having call center staff that sound like they are in the dealership themselves can be a very tricky task to complete. We provide the coaching, scorecards and coaching to provide and maintain a high level of service throughout the automotive sector. That ensures the high-level return of investment that you expect from your business.


The utility industry has faced criticism during the last decade, and that has meant that the operations of the industry have needed to change.

Most utility organizations have seen and reacted to the increased pressure from the general public. However, that is not an easy task to manage well. That fact is true for the contact centers that are involved in the utility industry even more than the companies themselves. There is a huge difference between the best companies and the rest of the companies. Ensure that you are the best with our quality monitoring and assurance.

Financial Services

Data security is a huge factor in the financial services sector. You can rest assures that Call Criteria takes your security seriously.

Monitoring agents in the financial sector requires a specific skill set to ensure compliance and regulation requirements are being met. We have scorecards and agents trained specifically for the requirements necessary to meet regulations set across the board. We have assisted some of the largest financial services from banks to accountants to ensure compliance.

Home Services

Scale your home services operation using voice analytics and human hearing to keep up with increasing demands.

If you are a home services company then you will know how hard it is to accommodate the change to the digital demands. That is not to mention scaling and meeting the huge increase in demand for your contact centers. We help you keep the level of customer service and satisfaction that you had as a small company as you grow.

Call Tracking

Are you certain that your agents are doing everything that they can to create leads and sales?

Running a company that deals with a lot of incoming calls can be difficult to keep up with all of the tracking of what happened on the call. We are the human evaluation company for all call tracking companies. We have unrivaled abilities, expertise, and knowledge in call tracking, its requirements, and how to improve your service.

Proof of Our Value

Organizations that have outsourced their QA program to Call Criteria experienced reductions in compliance violation at a rate of 7%, increased lead conversions at a rate of 12% while improving customer retention at a rate of 9%.

Call us today for a consultation on your call center’s current performance and ideas how to get better performance from your team.

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