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    February 12, 2021

    22 Ways to Improve Quality Monitoring in a call center

    Quality monitoring in call center- Call center quality monitoring in easy steps with callcriteria. quality monitoring in a call center-quality control.

    Quality monitoring in a call center in easy ways.

    Quality monitoring in call center is the main reason for the existence of our company, Call Criteria. We make your call center run smoother, with simple and easy-to-use processes that are proven to work. In this article, we are going to discuss what quality monitoring is and how it will help your company.
    First things are first: If you are interested in improving your quality of service while lowering your costs, then quality monitoring in your call center is an absolute must-have.
    Monitoring your calls for quality will allow your managers to identify any issues that you may have in your processes and staff training.

    Quality Monitoring in a Call Center – How Do You Do It?

    It is all well and good, saying that you are going to monitor your calls for quality. However, the practice of doing this is not usually enough. You have to know how to watch it and why. That is why we have made the following points to guide you through your monitoring process.

    • Software. – Having up-to-date software that is the most relevant for your company and needs is an absolute must. There are various levels of ability for coll monitoring software and having the wrong one can be as bad as having none at all. Therefore, you must speak to someone who knows these systems and builds them instead of a salesperson from a single company. Unbiased views will help recommend the right software for your company. Here are some of the things that you need to have included in your software:
      • Monitoring
      • Recording
      • Barging
    • Scorecards. – Scorecards and their development and implementation are just as important as your software. So much so that we will go into this a little later in the article.
    • Training. – Training for your agents and managers is how they get the information on what you expect of them. Coaching is a large section alone. However, the development of that training should not change. Therefore, there are a few points that you need to consider when you are developing your training program:
      • Ensure that your agents understand what your customers expect.
      • Explain all of the points on the scorecard and how they are marked.
      • Provide examples of excellent, average, and poor quality for reference points.
      • Review and implement any changes in the training plan. Have refreshers to provide that information to all of the staff.
    • Feedback. – With the above training points in mind, ensure that you give immediate and constructive feedback to provide them with relatable information. That can not only be a factor for negative feedback, however. You must also acknowledge and reward positive interactions just as quickly.
    • Assistance. – Ensure that you have adequate and immediate ways for your agents to get support if they require it. However, do not punish them for requiring it unless it becomes excessive.

    Using Scorecards In a Call Center