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    February 12, 2021

    7 QA Practices That Hold the Key to Your Business’ Boom

    Although customer service plays a crucial role for customers when choosing a product, most people would agree that price also greatly influences the choices customers make. However, according to a survey carried out by CreditDonkey on customer service statistics, customer service may actually have a much greater influence on customers’ choice of product than wisdom would otherwise dictate.
    The survey that featured 1,045 Americans over 18 years of age found that 48% of the respondents were likely to choose better service over a lower price if they had to pick between the two. What’s more, 56% of the respondents said they would choose better service over convenience, a rather clear indication that consumers care a great deal about how they are treated. (Source)
    If anything, the above survey results should serve as a wake-up call to contact centers of every size. We live in a high-tech, fast-paced era where consumers want companies to respond to his/her questions and concerns with a personal touch. Consumers expect to easily interact with their favorite brands according to his/her preferences, whether they are in the stores, shopping online, or calling customer service. Accordingly, whereas 86% of consumers will quit using your products and services because of a bad experience, positive customer experiences, in turn, create more satisfied and happier customers. Furthermore, when customers are happy, huge opportunities present themselves to increase revenue and grow your business. There’s only one problem though, getting to know your customers this well is hard.

    7 Guaranteed Ways to Help Optimize Your Approach to Call Center Quality Assurance Programs:

    Fortunately, a 3rd party quality assurance company like Call Criteria exists, which uses skilled human analysts to evaluate and score agent-customer interactions to pinpoint key behaviors and procedures that drive sales and create satisfied customers. By adopting a quality assurance program in your business, you can improve customer satisfaction and receive insight on critical business issues and opportunities to improve customer experience and revenue outcomes.
    Hiring the services of a competent call center QA alone doesn’t fully suffice to ensure your success in today’s highly competitive market. Your call center must also play its part to increase efficiency and minimize wasteful spending.

    1. Hire a reputable and competent QA company’s services to create a comprehensive QA program and oversee its implementation.

    A professional QA company like Call Criteria evaluates your call center agents using their unique scorecards, helps your business achieve the highest return of investment possible, evaluates the performance and skills of each team member, and lastly, analyzes all of your prospective affiliates.

    2. Assess potential call center agent candidates for customer service skills to ensure that he/she is the right person for the job.

    Some of the top qualities of a successful call center agent include

    • Pays attention to details
    • Has the capacity to learn and retain details quickly
    • Is organized to reduce errors
    • Is flexible enough to meet the varied needs of your diverse customers
    • Has effective communication skills

    3. Make a point of including an overview of QA best practices and how a call center agent’s performance will be measured in your onboarding and training.

    The overview should also include information on how agents will receive feedback on their performance. Keep in mind that training your agents is critical to keep up with the increasing demands of today’s consumers

    4. Silently monitor live calls by skilled human analysts to gain valuable insight into your customers’ needs.

    According to a survey carried out by the UK Contact Center Operational Review on call center managers, 67% of respondents agreed that call recording offered them a chance to improve their call center operations through identifying patterns and reducing unnecessary calls (Source: The UK Contact Center Operational Review -6th edition 2008-). Companies such as Call Criteria analyze calls done by human analysts and the latest technology analytics. A team of professionals then reviews the calls, and the results are easily accessed. This ensures that complex customer engagement initiatives are being implemented correctly. The generated data is being utilized effectively to support your customers and reinforce a positive relationship with them.

    5. Create a remediation plan for call center agents who consistently fail to make improvements based on feedback.

    This can be done through thorough, intensive coaching, re-training based on opportunities identified, or simply sitting him/her next to the best agent to shadow.

    6. Create a continuous improvement culture by incorporating peer-to-peer evaluation and self-evaluation of calls within your center.

    I once overheard a contact center manager queried as to whether the agent had a quality assurance company assess her work, to which she jokingly responded, “Yes – the customers.” As you probably know, here belies part of the challenge, and the frightening reality is that customers could be the largest test group your contact center ever receives. Consequently, peer reviews effectively expose errors within the call center before they soil your customer’s experience. Also, quality assurance companies also offer performance analysis services with customized reporting available to you when it matters most.

    7. Focus your resources on both high-value calls and routine calls, then rate them using a call scoring evaluation form.

    Use a rating team to calibrate your ratings. This helps to facilitate transparency and consistency of QA practices within your call center. Alternatively, you could hire the services of QA companies like Call Criteria that have developed innovative scorecard systems that work to analyze countless calls at an affordable rate. Lastly, always ensure that your customer satisfaction specialist and QA specialist meet at least once every week to enhance and collaborate on your strategies.

    7 QA Practices That Hold the Key to Your Business’ Boom – Conclusion

    Following the above-mentioned tips will help your call center significantly improve QA practices by optimizing the services your call center agents provide to your customers. These tips will also increase efficiency and provide your business with a competitive edge. Simply put, these are QA practices that you cannot afford to miss.