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Call Center QA Services

Quality Assurance

Stop using the biased in-house QA Agents that hold your company back from reaching maximum coverage and peak performance.

  • High Accuracy
  • Zero Bias
  • Real Results

AI Enhanced Speech Analytics

AI-enhanced speech analytics has the capability to provide automation, speed and predictive insights for your calls.

  • More Data
  • Faster Processing
  • Better Insights


Get the best performance from your agents, supervisors, and managers with a trackable coaching dashboard.

  • Pinpoint Accuracy
  • Less Time Coaching
  • Better Agent Performance

Sales Performance

Keeping track of your sales performance has never been easier. Increase your ROI by spotting the performance issues.

  • Maximum ROI
  • Blue-chip Sales Tracking Software
  • Zero Effort

Sentiment Analysis

Keywords should not be the only thing analysts review. Words can often be said with different sentiments. Know your calls.

  • Emotion Evaluation
  • Deeper Understanding
  • Better Engagement

AI Human Verification

AI is the pinnacle of computer learning. But it still lacks the human element. Ensure accuracy with the right combination.

  • AI Speed
  • Human precision
  • >95.5% Accuracy
Data Analysis

Analyse every call to have a complete picture and understanding.

Advanced Dashboard

See exactly what you want, where you want, when you want.

Actionable Insights

Visual representations of data provide key insights to act on.

Conversion Optimization

Manage agent rebuttals to maximize your ROI.


Intelligent and Responsive Analytics Dashboard

Easy to use software for an easy experience. Complete visibility means complete data control. Manage your team with confidence.

Easy to use software for an easy experience. Complete visibility means complete data control. Manage your team with confidence.

No more searching through spreadsheets or complicated software to find the information that you need.

Track Your Calls With Unrivaled Accuracy

Understanding which calls and agents are performing the best can lead you to increase sales and customer service through focusing where you need to.

Call Center QA monitoring is only ever as good as the data available. Increase your monitoring through accurately scored interactions.
Due to our human analysts, our reviews allow you to pinpoint the places where mistakes were made allowing high-level changes for continuous accuracy.

Call Center Monitoring
Made Easy

The more data that you have, the better results you can achieve. Stop using outdated ways of tracking calls, agents, and statistics, and let us do the hard work for you.

Easy to manage coaching sessions mean easy to manage results. Focus your coaching on the places that need it. Never waste valuable training time again.
Help your agents when they need you the most with real-time notifications.
See where you can improve your ROI with our sales performance monitoring.
Expect accuracy with our multi-layered calibration process for <0.5% error margin.

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