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What is AI Enhanced Speech Analytics?

As you may have experienced from using “speech-to-text”, these tools aren’t always accurate and are prone to errors.

You then have to hire a speech analyst to spend 30% of their time listening to recordings.

This gap in voice analytics, which most solutions don’t do, is what Call Criteria is striving to solve by using our human QA’s and Artificial Intelligence.

AI Enhanced Speech Analytics

Call Criteria offers a solution that allows your specialists to spend time analyzing data not wasting time listening to recordings.

Call Criteria offers a solution that allows your specialists to spend time analyzing data not wasting time listening to recordings.

AI Enhanced Speech Analytics

Every flag that is found CAN be reviewed by a human working for Call Criteria. If it’s discovered that the transcription was incorrect, our quality analysts are trained to help identify this information.

This results in your analysts having easy access to needed keyword updates without putting on a headset, giving them more time to do what they do best (analyze data!) while saving you time and money.

AI Enhanced Speech Analytics

Machine Learning Prediction Model

When your agents forget regulation, compliances, and other factors you have on customer calls, you end up listening to the whole call to determine what they missed. Or worst-case scenario, don’t even know if they are following your guidelines.

With Call Criteria, our QA’s will listen and find out what’s missing from your script and scorecards.

But that’s not where it ends.

Once our AI learns the habits of your team members (missing certain parts of your scripts that has been verified by our Human QAs), the AI will have enough data to predict future outcomes and it’ll continually improve over time!

  • Agent_performance-min
    Agent Performance
  • Predict_behavior-min
    Predict behavior
  • drive_strategy-min
    Drive Strategy
  • Business_performance-min
    Business Performance
  • Understand_customer-min
    Understand customers
  • Competitive_Inte-min
    Competitive Intelligence
  • Identify_trends-min
    Identify Trends
  • Insights_into_data-min
    insights into data
HOW IT Works

How AI Enhanced Speech Analytics Works

Gather Requirements

Our team will work with you to help understand the business use case.

Build Syntax

Our dedicated speech analysts will build out the appropriate syntax for you.

Human Validate

Our humans will review all flags to remove any false positives or false negatives

Analyze Results

Our speech analysts will revise all syntax based on human validated data.


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