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Benefits of Human Assisted AI

Analysis With Human Accuracy

Human hearing and understanding are far more advanced than AI, so they will provide you with more accurate data.

  • Accurate
  • Complete
  • Faultless
Human Analysis
Accurate Tagging

Specialized Call Tagging

Discover what your customers really want with accurate tagging of call intention, no matter what you are looking for.

  • Customized Tagging
  • Intention Optimization
  • Topic Labeling

Improved Text Classification

Get more from your AI with text classification modeling by humans to improve efficiency and ability.

  • Automated Ticket Routing
  • Triaging
  • Sentiment Analysis
Text Classification
Model Training

Human Training For AI

Ensure that your AI model is performing properly with accurate tagging and human training.

  • Increased data sets
  • Increased learning speed
  • Produce better tags

Calibration Perfection

Keep your AI model up to date and accurate with regular checks and re-calibrations from the best in the business.

  • Testing
  • Validation
  • Optimization
Model Recalibration

Human Machine Training and Calibration

Ensure that your AI model is at peak performance with high caliber training and calibration to keep up with the constantly changing demands of consumers.

  • Model Training

    Model Training
  • Model Tuning

    Model Tuning
  • Algorithm Development

    Algorithm Development
  • Data Augmentation

    Data Augmentation
  • Data Labeling

    Data Labeling
  • Data Cleaning

    Data Cleaning
  • Identification

  • Aggregation

  • Image Classification

    Image Classification
  • Video Recognition

    Video Recognition


Human Services For AI

Model Training

Model Training

Model training is an essential requirement to gather the right data for your needs

Model Tuning

Model Tuning

If you do not keep your system current, you will get more incorrect, useless data

Algorithm Development

Algorithm Development

Discover and adapt to patterns with data modification, rectification, and alteration

Data Labeling

Data Labeling

See more of what you need and less of what you don’t with accurate data tagging

Image Classification

Image Classification

Understand images by type instead of looking at thousands of pictures

Video Recognition

Video Recognition

Let AI do the time-wasting job of gathering important information from long videos


Human Assisted AI



AI requires training to do the intended job. Inferior training results in poor performance. Use the best, get the best.



AI can only reach conclusions on their own if the people explaining how to are experts in their field.



Adapt to changes in regulatory requirements and customer demand with validation and development.


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