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    February 11, 2021

    Are Your Agents Having Lunch With Your QA’s?

    Organizational chemistry and teamwork are vital components of any successful business. What happens, though, when professionalism is tossed out the window in place of friendship? This happens far too often in the workplace, specifically in a call center environment where quality customer experience is of utmost priority; this can have devastating effects.
    Imagine this situation – Bob and Jill have a great relationship at work. In fact, they get along so well that they often go out to lunch together and share workplace stories, and laugh at trivial mishaps in the office. Under normal circumstances, the comradery these two coworkers are developing will likely lead to improved trust and greater organizational teamwork.
    Consider, however, that Bob is a quality assurance specialist and Jill an agent. Now, rather than Bob honestly analyzing Jill’s calls’ performance, he is torn between friendship and professionalism. Does he help cover up the call where Jill lost her patience and acted unprofessionally, or does he potentially sacrifice the trust they have built together on behalf of the company’s best interests?
    Now, picture a scenario where coworkers can build on existing chemistry and teamwork without having to worry about playing favorites between their organization’s bottom line and coworker reputation. This is a much-welcomed reality for Call centers that utilize 3rd party QA services.

    Here are just a few more benefits to using a 3rd party QA service:

    • Unbiased agent/call evaluations
    • Real-time data and analysis allowing for instant training and coaching where needed most
    • Increased efficiency/productivity by allowing internal resources to be allocated to other areas

    By outsourcing your QA program, you are essentially investing in your organization’s future by eliminating the possibility of internal bias and allowing your agents to focus on what is really at the heart of call center business: customer experience and satisfaction.
    Though there are options to choose from, Call Criteria is a clear leader in this field and is committed to client satisfaction and scoring effectiveness, using actual human beings to score calls. Call Criteria is extremely cost-competitive and utilizes a highly customizable platform with no start-up expenses or hidden fees.
    So let your agents and QA’s go to lunch without having to worry about biased evaluations or conflicts of interest. Invest in your organization’s future today and opt for a 3rd party QA service to optimize your call center’s performance and bottom line and leave the hard work to someone else.
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