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    Keep Your Customers On The Move

    • Separate Calls By Type
    • PCI Compliance
    • Lead Generation
    • Increased ROI
    • Omnichannel Auditing
    • Data Retention

    Tag And Filter

    All calls that pass through the Call Criteria Quality Assurance process are AI and manually tagged by type to decrease data confusion between sales, maintenance, parts, warranty calls, etc. Therefore, you get an accurate view of who your callers are and what they need.

    Sell More - Worry Less

    The automotive industry is focused on vehicle sales, after sales, and maintenance. The more time you have to spend doing those things, the more you can close deals. Internal QA can be a real and draining stress. You need to concentrate on making the sales; we can focus on Quality Assurance.

    Top Missed Points In Automotive

    • Mentioning Promotions
    • Alternate Phone Numbers
    • Address
    • Dealership Directions
    • Vehicle History

    Least Missed Points In Automotive

    • Current Vehicle
    • Vehicle of Interest
    • Call Type
    • Appointment Type
    • Good Attitude