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    February 12, 2021

    Avoid These Top 5 Excuses for Not Adopting Call Center QA

    Contrary to popular belief, Quality Assurance isn’t just about spotting problems and solving them. Rather, it also involves identifying and amplifying positive performance and trends within the call center. QA provides a clear direction and shared understanding so you can set achievable goals. Call center QA provides invaluable insight into how you are performing and what your customers are really experiencing. However, even in today’s technologically sophisticated contact centers where the contact center’s best practice habits have been embraced, QA continues to lag. Why? The following are 5 of the most common excuses and why they are flawed:

    1. “My management won’t approve the investment.”

    When companies – especially in the consumer market- allocate their budget, they ordinarily send the lion’s share to sales, marketing, or advertising. However, some companies invest big bucks into service and product development with the conviction that faster or shinier products in the pipeline will rake in more profit. And while Americans are fascinated by new and shiny things, where they finally decide to put their money does not depend on advertising or marketing, but on superior customer support.
    Ever noticed how negative publicity travels faster and further than positive publicity? Just a single disastrous customer experience in the hands of a tech-savvy consumer can travel the world in a matter of minutes. Reverberating and ricocheting through your competitive landscape; this is a clear indication of the importance of investing in your customer’s support function through call center QA.
    Call Criteria, a reputable QA company, takes great pride in its innovative techniques that help shed prices and enable them to deliver affordable quality assurance services. Besides, your contact center requires the right tools and technological support with superior service to match the fierce competition in the call center industry. Your call center agents are at the forefront of everyday dealings with customers. Poorly training them and providing outdated tools is like sending your soldiers to battle with kitchen knives.

    2. “It’s not worth the effort.”

    Is there such a thing as a quick fix when it comes to quality management in your call center? In a previous blog post, “Call Center Quality Assurance: The Secret Recipe for Success?” The value of quality management within a call center revolves around three main points;

    • Improved employee morale.
    • Reduced wasted time and resources.
    • Increased customer satisfaction.

    To achieve all three of the above, you will need time, preparation, and most importantly, a particular focus on call recording, quality scorecards, screen capturing, and TCPA compliance. No quick fixes here. Call center QA has a strong value proposition for quantitatively oriented managers and appreciate the importance of managing by numbers. So is QA worth the effort? If you’re seeking maximum customer satisfaction, better utilization of time and resources, improved service levels, and optimizing all aspects of the call center with one solution, then the answer is a resounding YES!

    3. “I’m not sure what it is or what it will do for my call center.”

    Any competent and professional call center QA will have a ready answer for this. A company like Call Criteria will tell its clients that monitoring, measuring, and managing service and agent performance are top priorities for all call centers. Furthermore, QA is an essential player in aligning your workforce, processes, and systems to your company’s set objectives and goals through cost control and customer satisfaction. Other benefits provided by such QA companies include:

    • Provides insight into agent performance, allowing your call center better to manage processes, costs, and customer satisfaction
    • Improves agent productivity and team motivation
    • Allows you to monitor, record, and evaluate the quality of customer interactions in your call center
    • It gives you the ability to make better decisions through actionable intelligence.
    • It gives you the power to change agent behavior.
    • Provides a comprehensive solution that incorporates customer interaction analytics like data analytics and customer surveys
    • Allows call center supervisors to shift their attention from data collection to more intensive areas like coaching, planning, and training.
    • Helps you develop your team to ensure the integrity of sales interactions
    • Helps you mitigate risk and exposure to regulatory compliance penalties

    4. “It requires too much integration.”

    Well, if you are using QA software or speech analytics that are proving to be quite ineffective, you might have a problem with integration. However, if you are working with a competent QA company that offers skilled human analysts and provides you with detailed assessments that include suggestions for improvements, then QA becomes more of a helping hand. What’s more, QA providers who don’t depend solely on robots or automated technology can analyze staff performance to reveal whether they are presenting your products to the best of their ability while following the set brand guidelines and creating a customized performance report available to you at your convenience. With call center QA, you enjoy the benefits of Quality management and get business process verification services, call center compliance, TCPA verification, and call center partner analysis.

    5. “There’s too much reporting involved.”

    QA is more than just reporting, and call center managers that truly understand their business’s goals recognize that the delivery of an outstanding customer experience is most critical. The overwhelming majority of recurring call center expenses are related to staffing – approximately 70% of the budget. This means that a slight improvement in agent productivity and motivation can greatly impact performance, quality, and cost management for your call center. Simply put, QA provides powerful tools used to identify potential issues that might have gone undetected or otherwise unnoticed.


    Rather than finding reasons to avoid QA altogether, ask yourself what will happen if you fail to act now by not implementing QA for your call center(s). It’s imperative you know about the interaction between your call center agents and customers, the key behaviors that drive sales, and what creates satisfied customers. Through sophisticated and innovative tracking and analysis, you can make better decisions on services and processes to ensure your esteemed customers are at the forefront of your business’s priorities.