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    February 7, 2023

    10 Best Sentiment Analysis Tools & Software in 2023

    We place the greatest value on those who take the time to listen, comprehend, and offer assistance to us before we even need to ask. Imagine creating the same value leverage of this anticipation using software designed to improve customer relationships.  

    The big question every company is concerned with is how they can clearly understand customer emotions/sentiments and reactions. Call center sentiment analysis tools and software are what you need if this is your concern. We reviewed the market for the best sentiment analysis tools and software to ease your search. 

    What Is Sentiment Analysis And How to Use Sentiment analysis tools or software? 

    Humans frequently express their emotions in conversations, something computers cannot do and have difficulty comprehending. We refer to these feelings as emotions. Scientists are training machines to recognize human emotions using various techniques, including machine learning. This is called sentiment analysis.  Sentiment analysis is an area that aims to make it possible for computers and software to comprehend human emotion. 

    Let’s look at one basic method for conducting sentiment analysis. Emotions are divided into three categories from a computer’s point of view: positive, neutral, and negative, with comparable scores of plus one, zero, and minus one. Every sentence’s buzzwords will be assigned to one of the three categories, and the final score computation will indicate whether the sentence is generally positive, neutral, or negative. 

    Assuming the computer was analyzing the following sentence, the song was wonderful. The first move would be to eliminate superfluous words and find the significant ones, changing the statement to “Song wonderful.” Depending on the trained data, every term will be assigned to one of the three groups. The computation of this will be zero and one, with a positive score for wonderful and a neutral for the song. The ultimate score will be one, indicating that the sentence’s general sentiment is positive. 

    Understanding other people’s emotions or sentiments is crucial for humans because it facilitates connection and proper communication. Achieving this with computers enhances both the customer experience and the interaction of people with machines. 

    Call Center Sentiment analysis- CallCriteria sentiment analysis tool

    Sentiment Analysis

    How Do Best Sentiment Analysis Tools Work? 

    A sentiment analysis software monitors replies to polls, live chats, consumer feedback on various online review sites, contact center calls, and so much more. The sentiment analysis software then examines the information gathered and finds the phrases used in the feedback. 

    It selects words representing intentions and feelings and presents them to you as a word cloud for analysis. The spectrum of different emotions contained in the examined data is also displayed by a sentiment analysis tool. 

    In this approach, businesses can comprehend the quality of customer service they provide and what areas require improvement. Using sentiment analysis, they can make dissatisfied customers happy once more. 

    Why is it important? 

    Sentiment analysis is a terrific feature offered for call centers that uses voice intelligence technology to detect specific phrases or words used by a customer to determine whether the call is positive or negative or requires a CSR supervisor’s attention. 

    Adding anything to your tech stack only makes sense when it helps your company. To assist you in comprehending the value of a sentiment analysis tool for your business, we’ve listed some of its advantages. 

    • You can use it to compile and present customer feedback from many platforms. 
    • Customer feedback is automatically processed, and emotions are analyzed. 
    • It enables you to acknowledge your devoted customers and add them to your loyalty program. 
    • It draws attention to customer pain issues that you might not have anticipated. 
    • Sometimes, your target audience’s responses to your marketing efforts, catchphrases, and social media postings may not be as expected. 

    Let’s get to the point of our discussion now that this is clear. 

    1. Call Criteria’s Best Sentiment Analysis Tool 

    There is nothing more important to a business than customer satisfaction. Call Criteria’s sentiment analysis tool is uniquely designed to ensure you capture all the emotions from customers’ calls. Identify disgruntled customer calls as soon as possible with this terrific software and have the chance to make well-informed judgments about how to lead your agents and business after you have that complete view. This analysis occurs within minutes of the completion of the conversation enabling you to be aware almost immediately of interactions where some intervention is needed. 

    Sentiments Analysis-dashboard. Call center sentiment analysis

    Call Criteria Best Sentiment Analysis Tools

    Features Offered 

    Call Criteria’s sentiment analysis software has promising features that guarantee results. It is different from what other companies offer. 

    Fine-Grained Sentiment Analysis 

    If the tool you use does not analyze the customers’ emotions, chances are it is not serving you right. This software gives an in-depth analysis that is easy to comprehend, even without the help of an expert interpreter.  

    Emotion Detection through sentiment analysis software

    The software can be trained to identify specific keywords based on your company’s terms. This helps you identify emotions, feelings, and reason. Use the positive result to gauge when your customers are happy or satisfied, neutral to identify areas that need improvement, and negative to note where to do reforms. 

    Intent Analysis through our best sentiment analysis tool

    Determine with accuracy whether a customer plans to behave in accordance with what was said. By predicting such intents, you can adapt and target correctly.  

    Human Validation 

    Sentiment analysis tools are convenient and fast, but their accuracy is always questionable. The software will analyze the calls depending on the data you feed it, meaning it has no room to make its own judgment. Sometimes, humans use words that might seem positive to show negative feelings and vice versa. If a customer uses sarcastic words during a phone call, the sentiment analysis tool might give the wrong results. 

    Emotions and tone don’t translate well into language unless we explicitly state them, which frequently makes it challenging to ascertain the message’s objective. There isn’t a single way to convey concepts like sarcasm or irony using language; however, punctuation can make a difference. 

    Best sentiments Analysis tools from CallCriteria

    CallCriteria Sentiment Analysis Tool-Dashboard

    Call Criteria understands this vastly and has a solution to the problem. Anyone that tells you their best sentiment analysis tool is 100% perfect only wants your money and not the best result for your company. Call Criteria ensure accuracy by incorporating human resources to validate every result provided.  AI sentiment analysis with human verification. 

    The human analysts will flag anything misjudged by the sentiment analysis software and rectified appropriately. With such a system, you can get 99.5% of the results given accurately, compared to the 75% offered when no human integration is involved. 

    2. HubSpot’s Service Hub Tool – Sentiment analysis software 

    When everyone moved to conducting business online and using social media to convey messages, businesses found it hard to understand customer pain points expressed through text messages. Businesses could not determine whether the customers’ feedbacks were positive or negative. HubSpot identified the problem and solved it so business owners could clearly understand their customer’s reviews. 

    Features Offered 

    Here is a breakdown of HubSpot’s service hub tool and what’s in it for you as a business owner. 

    Customer Feedback Tool 

    It is not uncommon for businesses to conduct surveys to get feedback on certain products or services. One of the best sentiment analysis tools available through HubSpot’s Service Hub allows users to unravel qualitative survey results and assess whether they were intended to be positive or negative. It classifies reviews depending on sentiment using NPS surveys to determine whether they are positive or negative.  

    Analyze Customers Individually 

    Every customer experiences a different journey and should be treated and analyzed individually. You can integrate the tool with your CRM and isolate every customer’s feedback for viewing. This allows you to understand each customer’s journey.  

    Social Media Monitoring 

    Social media platforms can provide the perfect answers if you want to know what people think about your product or service. While most companies have social media managers who deal with such issues, it is easy to miss the point. HubSpot’s sentiment analysis tool can identify sentiments through social media platforms as well. 

    3. Repustate – Sentiment analysis tool

    Understanding your customers’ sentiments, whether in verbal conversations or text messages, is important if you are to upscale and swim with the big fish. This means using all means possible to understand the hidden messages. Repustate is a wonderful tool if you are looking to unravel the sentiment behind your customers’ words. 

    Features Offered 

    Here is a breakdown of Repustate’s Sentiment Analysis tool and what’s in it for you as a business owner. 

    Text Analysis API 

    The sophisticated sentiment analysis tool precisely analyzes every customer’s messages conveyed through text. Its software can recognize slang and abbreviated texts like lmao, omg, and btw. Emojis are likewise examined, and their purpose within a message’s context is determined. Repustate may determine if an emoji is good or negative, depending on the remainder of the dialogue. If I use a ;( emoji, the sentiment analysis software will note unhappiness and declare negative feedback. 

    Customizable API Rules 

    Since there could be thousands of possibilities in how customers can respond, it is paramount to make as many predictions as possible to ensure the software has enough data to benchmark against. Repustate’s best sentiment analysis software allows you to customize the API rules to suit your business. You will have total control over what the software should evaluate. 

    4. Critical Mention Sentiment Analysis Tool

    Once your business becomes reputable, you are bound to get mentions all over the internet and news. You need to stay updated on what is said about your business, so nothing catches you by surprise. Given the numerous errands you have to run or emails to respond to, you might not have the time to locate such mentions. With Critical Mention’s sentiment analysis tool, work is made easier. 

    Features Offered 

    We analyzed some of the unique features, and here is what we found. 

    News and Publications Alerts 

    With the internet dominating every corner, people no longer depend on televisions for news updates. As long as you have access to the internet and a computer or smartphone, you can get updates on what’s happening around you. Because it examines news stories and other sources that mention your company, Critical Mention is distinct from the other choices you might have. By doing so, you can understand the motivation behind the narratives swiftly reaching the public. It pays to have sentiment analysis tools that can scan the internet and notify you of every noise your business makes. 

    TV Alerts 

    Thanks to Critical Mention, you may even be informed of stories that air on television.  Effortlessly scan a video file for references and trim what you want to share with others.  View the video clip immediately when your company is positively mentioned during a live telecast and post it to your social media accounts. This can assist in producing quality content online that takes advantage of appropriate marketing opportunities. 

    5. Awario’s Best Sentiment Analysis Tool 

    If you don’t have ears on the web, chances are, a lot is being said about your business that you don’t know. The web consists of many platforms, including blog posts, customer review sites, and more. Anything said about your business on such platforms can have good outcomes or dire repercussions, depending on how you react to them. Awario helps you gather such information with ease.  

    Features Offered 

    We analyzed some of the unique features, and here is what we found. 

    Web-Based Social Listening 

    Anything mentioned on Twitter, Reddit, or any other platform that allows discussion is brought to your attention immediately through this feature. Additionally, the tool gauges the sentiment from the analyzed information. By entering the keywords you want to track, you tell Awario how to collect data from the internet, and only you can decide what to do with the results. The phrases may be connected to your company, products, rivals, sector, or any other phenomenon you wish to look up online. 

    Real-Time Listening 

    You don’t have to worry about what you might miss when you have other engagements because Awario does the real-time listening for you. It shows analyses of the number of keywords by dialect, origin, region, and other factors, as well as the volume and scope of mentions for your hashtags, the terms frequently used alongside them, and more. This information, particularly sentiment, can be compared for various keyword groups.  

    6. MonkeyLearn’s Sentiment Analysis Software

    Most tools often concentrate on analyzing sentiment from social media platforms forgetting important applications like Zappier. With this emotion analyzer, we advance from simpler tools that gather information automatically to more sophisticated tools that require extra input from the analyzed data. 

    Features Offered 

    We analyzed some of the unique features, and here is what we found. 

    Seamless Application Analysis 

    MonkeyLearn is an easy-to-use content analysis tool that links to your chosen application, such as Excel, and extracts the text data for analysis. If you need to evaluate words from a particular industry, you also may train your custom sentiment analysis model without any programming knowledge. 

    Market Research 

    Whenever expanding to new markets, it is important to research vastly. MonkeyLearn can help you analyze markets without limitation. This way, you can identify how people feel about products from such markets and whether you should join them. It also serves as a competitor analysis tool to help you conduct things differently. If you identify your customers’ pain points and pleasures early enough, you can learn to outdo your competitors. 

    7. Meaning Cloud’s Sentiment Analysis Software

    Meaning Cloud provides an easy and powerful method to extract and analyze unofficial content that might need your attention. Whether the text being analyzed is in the cloud or on social platforms, Meaning Cloud will analyze and give feedback per your request. 

    Features Offered 

    Here is a breakdown of the tool’s features and what’s in it for you as a business owner. 

    Sentiment, Opinion, and Reputation Analysis 

    The tool is not limited and can analyze several fields to give feedback on your customers’ sentiments, opinions, and business reputation. These are important factors to any business aiming to satisfy its customers in all ways possible. 

    Topics Extraction 

    Suppose you want to know how your business is performing in certain areas; you can use the tool to extract specific topics from blog discussions or other fields, after which you will conduct a sentiment analysis.  

    8. BrandWatch Consumer Intelligence 

    BrandWatch Consumer Research avails Comprehensive customer data from over 1.4 trillion postings and 100 million internet sources. Each day, 490 million more posts are added to this total.  

    Features Offered 

    Here is a breakdown of the tool’s features and what’s in it for you as a business owner. 

    Careful Sentiment Analysis 

    BrandWatch uses a rules-based methodology to comprehend how context can influence opinion. It uses criteria that consider how context may alter the content’s meaning by analyzing keywords that convey either a positive or negative attitude. The software can distinguish between positive and negative sentences thanks to carefully crafted rules. Users may reinterpret it if they feel that emotion has been incorrectly classified. 

    Social Measurement 

    Having a social presence in today’s era is important because most people spend a lot of time on social apps and platforms. Whenever your company is mentioned on social platforms, BrandWatch analyzes the words used to determine whether they are positive or negative, then gives you results. 

    9. Brand24’s Sentiment Analysis Tools

    Brand24 is more than a straightforward monitoring tool thanks to its ever-growing feature set. It offers the information you need to enhance your Reputation and marketing plan. The sentiment analysis software serves as a potent platform for analyzing social media activities and media management. Its AI-driven sentiment analysis may be used to safeguard your brand’s image, uncover marketing trends, and enhance the customer experience.  

    Features Offered 

    Here is a breakdown of the tool’s features and what’s in it for you as a business owner. 

    Searches the Internet for Keywords 

    Brand24 collects more than simply social media mentions. Instead, it searches the entire internet for any mention of your keywords. This information can be found by using several filters, including emotion. 

    Competitor Analysis 

    To grow as a business, you must compare your progress against your previous performances and competitors. Brand24 allows in-depth competitor analysis, which is helpful when contrasting the sentiments of brand mentions. 

    10. Mentions’s Sentiment Analysis 

    Mention provides automatic updates, media platform monitoring, custom analytics, competitor analysis, and real-time tracking. Additionally, it can be useful for damage control so that you can identify simmering resentment before it turns into a raging inferno. 

    The lower-tier Free and Solo plans don’t include emotion research, while the three upper tiers do. It locates favorable and unfavorable references of your business and rivals on the internet. One of Mention’s sophisticated classifications, along with impact, origin, and other options, is sentiment analysis. To limit the harm, you can employ sentiment analysis software to find out who is speaking poorly of you. Alternatively, you can utilize social media emotion analysis to identify people who are complimentary of you, post their remarks, and be grateful to them. 

    Call center sentiment analysis

    Contact Center Sentiment Analysis Software

    Overview – Choosing the Right Sentiment Analysis Software

    The market is saturated with dozens if not hundreds of sentiment analysis tools that offer similar benefits to your business. This makes it difficult to identify the most effective solution. Contact centers are sensitive; thus, they require the best sentiment analytics software the market can offer. It is not just about the social media mentions or reputation but also about what you can ascertain from the calls coming into or out of your contact center. Pick a sentiment analysis solution that will conduct a sentiment analysis across all platforms and deliver accurate results. 

    Include in your selection process the determination of and valuation of the effort your team will need to expend to ensure the accuracy of the tool. No tool is perfect in its ability to ascertain the sentiment of a caller and there will be many cases of false positives and negatives where the solution is unsure of the outcome.

    Make sure your team has the time and expertise available to investigate these questionable outcomes, capture or validate the machine outcome and take those results back into the analytics engine to improve future outcomes. Without this internal investment of time and effort you will either have a static solution with good, but could be improved, results or reliance on external vendors or consultancies for solution optimization

    Call Criteria provides these validation services as a built-in component of our best sentiment analysis tools. There is no need for our clients to invest their time in optimizing the solution, it is a natural part of our solution. This includes the technology to spot and identify those items which may trigger a false positive or negative and the people and processes to review, capture results and provide feedback to the analysis engine for improved future performance. In fact, Call Criteria can provide this as a service to clients who have invested in other analytics tools.