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    February 11, 2021

    Call Center Agent Performance Dashboard for Advanced Analytics

    In this article, we will be looking at a “Use Case” for our entire platform of call center agent performance dashboard. We will look at how the tool can help to improve various aspects of an internal Quality Assurance department.

    The call center agent performance dashboard does that by enabling enhanced evaluation of agents and their quality performance standards while increasing the efficiency of targeting areas that require improvement.

    However, the system also allows for documentation completion and assessment through various means, ensuring a complete picture of performance is available at all times.

    Throughout this article, we will look at what a supervisor or manager role may entail and what our system (Call center agent performance dashboard) offers maximum efficiency.

    Of course, not all supervisors and managers are going to have the same role.

    However, our dashboard uses all of the key aspects for most call centers and is easily changed to fit the ones it doesn’t already.

    Those items include, but are not limited to:

    • Pulling reports
    • Discovering Critical Issues and Poor Performers
    • Performing Coaching and Receiving Agent Acknowledgement
    • Monitoring Ongoing Performance and Improvement
    • Reinforcing KPIs and Other Performance Criteria

    We will look through these critical roles and what we do to help you in separate sections of this article. That will be along with which part of our software is for each.

    Tracking Agents Performance in Call Centers

    Pulling Reports – The Dashboard

    Pulling reports for the management chain is one of the most commonly used for our dashboard.

    If you are using older technology, it can be quite difficult to get search terms correct for all of the issues they want reports raised.

    However, our software combines all of the data into one page, with filters to allow you to select data in numerous ways that are certain to help you.

    The dashboard is the central hub for all of the information that you find on the software. Here is a screenshot of half of it.

    I have had to take out personal and confidential information, but there will be names, scorecards, etc., in all of the blank gaps:

    As you can see above, the Dashboard houses several different modules.

    Each of those modules focuses on individual data sets that are distinct and different from one another.

    All of the modules are available to download separately, all with different filters available for doing so.

    The “out-of-the-box” solution that you have available to use instantly can generate reports based on different filters, such as:

    • Individual agents.
    • Agent teams.
    • Entire agent population. 
    • Campaigns.
    • Lead sources.
    • Specific extension numbers.
    • Any other critical data that you may require. 

    Further to those filters, the individual modules will show data for the following:

    Agent Ranking. – This module showcases the current performance of the filtered agents for a defined period. It also highlights the Top 3 questions that each agent misses most frequently.

    That will give you a quick reference to the coaching you may need to carry out without filtering the sections too much.

    It is an ideal way to check short period data about performance, say once a week, and provide quick insights and advice to specific agents.

    This module lists the scorecard questions that agents miss with the most frequency. Each issue also highlights the Top 3 Offending Agents that miss each specific item.

    That makes the section ideal for group coaching points so that you can keep on top of the most missed points without singling any agent out individually (unless they are the only person missing that point, of course.)

    Call center agent performance dashboard -Call Criteria

    Call center agent performance dashboard -Call Criteria.

    • Section Scores. – This module provides a Top-Down view of the scorecard, including all sections, questions, and answers with the corresponding performance reported within each. That enables managers and supervisors to quickly identify the specific part, question, or answer that requires the most significant attention level from the monitoring quality team.
    • Campaign Performance and Group Performance. These two modules display the programmed data’s average performance scores in the ‘campaign’ and ‘agent group’ fields in our system. You can populate those two fields with any values that are of relevance for your reporting purposes.

    Discovering Critical Issues and Poor Performers – The Notification Queue

    The Notification Queue is a primary module on the Dashboard that functions as a ‘To-Do List’ and an ‘In-System Inbox’ that Managers and Supervisors can use to review agent calls and track their progress.

    Each row in the Notification Queue represents a different call that an agent or supervisor flagged for review.

    When that selection is active, it displays calls flagged for review from the QA Manager or Supervisor. Those flags can be for several different reasons.

    The most common reason for a call appearing on there is a failed call. Please take a look at our coaching queue for more information.

    However, the score for each call is a percentage, so out of 100. The typical threshold for failure is around 80%.

    However, it is entirely customizable to your requirements. The other reason for a failed call is if an agent misses a specific point.

    An auto-fail option is available for a single question, and it is also at your discretion.

    All of the calls on the notification queue will require a review to confirm or contradict the score. That will also determine the cause of the issue.

    When those steps are complete, you can issue a follow-up action plan based on the findings.

    Call Center Quality Monitoring Dashboard

    Call Center Agent Performance Dashboard

    Performing Coaching and Receiving Agent Acknowledgement – Comments and Notifications

    Once the reason for a call being on the ‘Notification Queue’ has been determined, action will need to be taken by the Manager or Supervisor.

    That usually consists of coaching agents on their ‘Missed Points,’ as it is the most direct approach to improving low-performance scores.

    Using the in-system ‘Comments’ tool, Managers and Supervisors can send calls and messages to other users in the system, including Agents.

    Combined with face-to-face coaching, Managers and Supervisors can use this to reference specific examples that require practice or improvement.

    Agents can also respond to a Manager or Supervisor for this type of interaction with a message of their own, indicating “acknowledgment” or “understanding” of the issue raised.

    There are two other sections in the ‘Notification Queue’ that can aid in the coaching process and the follow-up of previously coached items:

    • In Progress. – Similar to the ‘Action Required’ section, this displays all calls sent to another user in the system awaiting action or review by someone else. This section can assist in monitoring how quickly notifications are being responded to and addressed.
    • Closed. – The closed section will display all calls that once had an “Open Notification.” However, they will have since been closed by a user in the system. That indicates the completion of that required action for that particular call point.

    Monitoring Ongoing Performance and Improvement – The Coaching Page

    You can set goals based on an agent’s current performance related to specific scorecard criteria with a documented performance goal and desired completion date.

    Those goals can be for individual agents or a group of agents, depending on your contact center’s needs and structure.

    You can track all of the ongoing statuses of those goals from our ‘Coaching’ page.

    We do restrict access to the ‘Coaching’ page due to Call Criteria’s base pricing.

    Therefore, please speak with your Account Manager for additional information about accessing the ‘Coaching’ page.

    Reinforcing KPIs and Other Performance Criteria – The Guidelines

    KPIs are one of the main performing criteria on which companies base their targets in call center agent performance dashboard.

    We all know what they are and how the numbers can add up in our favor or against us pretty quickly. Either way, seeing the data easily is something that you should never have to go without.

    The first steps in working with Call Criteria include the creative development and customization of your scorecard within our online platform.

    Those customized scorecards will then be incorporated into your dashboard and used by our QA analysts during the evaluation process.

    The scoring criteria that calculate your agents’ performance scores are also available to you and your team via the ‘Guidelines’ page.

    That is a visual representation of all sections, questions, and answers included in your Call Criteria scorecard.

    The page also includes detailed “FAQs” for each question, clearly outlining how the QA analyst determines each question’s answer.

    That can be a beneficial resource when answering questions or clarifications during agent coaching.

    The reason for that is you can clearly show the agent each point missed and how the agent scored the call.

    This page’s visual representation also allows Managers and Supervisors to experiment with different hypothetical scores and scenarios by selecting different answers than what a Quality Assurance analyst may have chosen.

    That is extremely useful for several reasons.

    For example, you can see how easy it is for an agent to fail a call or how many questions or points they have to miss before failing the call.

    Having the ability to do that will allow you to be one step ahead of the coaching that may need to be completed after a period of time.


    As you have seen, there are some instrumental sections to the dashboard, with each of them amalgamated into one another, allowing complete visibility and customization.

    One of, if not the best part about the panel is the ability to customize it for individual clients.

    We do not believe that all companies and call centers should have to conform to the same criteria.

    That belief drove us to create the dashboard with the customization ability you have seen throughout the last few articles.

    If you want to know more about the software we have created, please check our blog page here. If you would like a live demonstration or talk to us about pricing options, please use the contact page.