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    February 11, 2021

    Call Center Coaching For 2020

    Call Center Agent Coaching

    Call Center Agents can be under a lot of pressure to perform to all of the criteria you have. All of which are required to get the best service for your customers. However, some Agents can find it challenging to understand which skills they lack and excel at already.
    Coaching your Agents effectively against known criteria and giving productive feedback will increase their knowledge of their job and the ability to complete it with maximum results.
    It is a known fact that using Voice to Text analysis is inaccurate and unpredictable to score calls. There are just too many variables that lend themselves to going wrong. So, it would be inappropriate and inaccurate to use it for training and coaching purposes.
    Agent Coaching should be as individual as they are, and that is just not possible when you limit yourself to classroom training alone. Using their calls to coach them on specific issues will increase productivity no matter what the Agent finds difficult.

    What We Do

    Using human analysis is accurate to a much higher percentage than any Voice Technology. Therefore, Call Criteria’s coaching methods also have a much higher success rate than any other company that uses VT. Our accuracy is a proven 95%+, while voice technology has a much lower success rate. You can see this easily yourself with the automated calls that you have undoubtedly had yourself.
    When you call a phone number with an automated voice technology system, you can sometimes have many issues trying to get through to the right people. That is because the VT does not always recognize what it is that you’re saying. It can be very frustrating if you don’t say THE correct word at the exact time. You will then find yourself wishing that you could speak to a human.
    Our human analysts provide higher accuracy, and therefore, a more significant increase in performance through the coaching.

    How This Benefits Your Company

    Your Agents are the face of your company. The better that they perform, the more successful conversions and leads you will get in return. However, it is not just new customers that you need to be looking at gaining. It is a well-known fact that your customers’ retention is as necessary, if not more so than acquiring new customers.
    As I have explained in previous articles, it only takes one negative review to see a significant drop in potential or existing customers.

    Unbiased and Accurate Information

    Having an impartial view on coaching and using accurate information leaves nothing to chance. Many companies provide information that can leave you feeling disappointed by their voice technology. Human analysts have proven that the human ear is still beating voice technology.

    Clear, Actionable Data

    Having clear and actionable data allows Agent coaching with pinpoint accuracy. All of the data that we provide for your call center is presented in clear, easy to read formats with Agent specific performance reports and coaching requirements. If you would like to know more about the data that we provide, take a look at this article.
    In that article, you will see the data level that we provide to every client that we work with, no matter the size.

    How We Work

    Call Criteria can offer a range of coaching services depending on your requirements. We are always happy to work with you to provide you with the best solution for your coaching needs. What we would like to say, however, is that house coaching from QA teams is much less effective than using outsourced QA coaching.

    Calls To Coaching

    We offer a full range of services that are built to suit you. You can have calls analyzed and data providing for you to coach your agents yourself. Or you can opt for us to coach them for you. Either way, our proven track record is sure to increase the following aspects:

    • Performace. – When your Agents understand what is required, they will perform considerably better.
    • Accuracy. – Better performance will inevitably lead to higher efficiency.
    • Conversions. – Conversions and retention rates are two of the most significant factors in any business. Performance and accuracy are the keys to both.
    • Morale. – Having an increase in performance, accuracy, and conversions with unbiased coaching will raise morale. In turn, morale will increase performance!

    However, as I have already said, there are many more benefits to having a separate team coaching your agents. That is because there is less likelihood of having any bias or favoritism found with in-house QA teams.

    One to One

    Our Coaching team uses actual data to help your agents see where there is room for improvement. We show them the actual calls that points were dropped and offer them a full training guide to help them move forward with their progression. These sessions can be any length that is necessary, from a quick morale boost of ten minutes to a day-long course to train them from scratch.

    Team Building Coaching

    Sometimes, a team may get a new scorecard, and all have difficulty with it. Call Criteria can provide team coaching to bring everyone in the team to the same standard by listening to clear and more complicated examples. All of the sessions are timed based on requirements and not limited to specific times unless required.


    Coaching is not a linear process. There are always many aspects and differences between every agent and every company. That raises a requirement for flexible and knowledgeable training. Basing coaching on that principle will maximize the potential of your business through your agents.
    Talk to a Call Criteria Agent today to see how we can help you and your team!