February 11, 2021

Call Center Onboarding: Best Practices For Training New Employees

Approximately 2 million Americans work in call centers. For the owners/managers of these call centers, finding high-quality team members is an ongoing struggle. Regardless of how much previous experience a new call center employee has, they will have to be trained. Adequately training new employees can help you keep productivity and morale levels high.

Call Center Onboarding: Best Practices For Training New Employees

Even after the initial employee training phase is over, you will have to monitor new members of your team to ensure they have retained the information they were given. Without a comprehensive and detailed training strategy in place, you will face high employee turnover rates and efficiency issues. If you are trying to hone and perfect your employee training strategy, consider the helpful information below.

Provide In-Depth Information About the Industry Your Call Center Represents

A variety of different industries use call centers to provide service to their customers. Whether your call center caters to technology or service-based businesses, teaching new employees about these private sector companies is crucial. Ensuring new employees understand the products/services they will be talking about with consumers is imperative to their long-term success with your company.
If you send a new employee into your call center without this information, it is only a matter of time before serious problems start to occur. The more a new employee knows about the businesses they represent, the easier it will be to provide excellent service to the people who call in. After you have given a detailed breakdown of the businesses your call center represents, you need to test your new employee to see if they were paying attention. Finding employees committed to learning every aspect of your company and its role is essential when trying to achieve success.

Use Recorded Calls and Simulations to Test Your New Employees

Testing the skills a new employee has is important. The best way to see how well a new team member will handle their role as a call center agent is by using simulations. Using these simulations can help you see where a new employee needs help. Once an employee has made it through these simulations, you need to record some of their actual calls with customers.
These recordings will give you a glimpse into how well a new employee is handling their duties. If you notice problems, it is best to address them right away. The longer you allow a new employee to make the same mistake, the harder it will be to fix it.

Establish a Buddy System

Pairing experienced employees with new team members can be very beneficial. Establishing this buddy system allows you to monitor new employees while allowing them to learn from others. Getting feedback from the experienced employee you put with a new team member can help you see where improvements need to be made.

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