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    February 12, 2021

    Call Center Quality Assurance; At The Helm of Your Organization

    Did you know that only 1% of customers feel that suppliers consistently meet their needs?
    It gets more interesting, according to the book “Leading on the Edge of Chaos,” if you reduced your customer defection rate by a mere 5% you would have improved your profitability by a whooping 25-125%, a clear indication that the key to your call center ‘s success lies in the quality of interaction with your customers. And what better way to go about it than with the help of a competent call center quality assurance program like
    A case study of the Affinity Marketing company that has ten call center locations and a thousand agents, describes how evaluation of agents and frequent verification of sales works to increase sales and reduce cancellations. The Affinity Marketing company , on hiring a 3rd party call quality assurance company realized that call quality monitoring is one of the best ways to improve a contact center. Not only did customers report higher levels of satisfaction but the call centers also experienced improved quality scores.
    However, in order to achieve similar success to the case study above, it is imperative that you have the right tools; reason why wants to provide your company with a team of experts to conduct call monitoring for you.
    Services offered by
    Performance analysis – There’s a direct correlation between outstanding customer service and customer loyalty. We make the skills of every individual team member our business.
    Call Center Partner Analysis – We guarantee appropriate and acceptable requirements in your call center
    TCPA (Telephone consumer Protection Act) verification – With the new TCPA laws taking effect, it has never been more essential for your call center to provide proper express verbal consent
    Call Center Compliance – Do not let your agents create unnecessary risks for your organization
    Business Process Verification – Our main goal is to help you achieve maximum ROI
    Working as an extension of your team, we will listen, evaluate and provide actionable feedback to ensure quality and compliance that exceeds your expectations. As the best 3rd party quality assurance company, we believe that we can ensure maximum return on investment for each of your clients through an effective combination of conducting calibration sessions, documenting call results and following an escalation process for deficient calls. With our quality assurance services at the helm, you have the power to control the fate of your business.