Call Tracking – General

ID #QuestionDescriptionAnswersAnswer DescriptionsPoint Deduction
Section 1: Call Tracking
1.1Call TypeSelect the Call TypeSales/Service ProspectCaller is an opportunity for generating new revenue through the purchase of products or services.
Current BusinessCaller is a Current Customer or a Previous Customer who is calling regarding a previously scheduled appointment or previously purchased products or services.
General Business
OtherMark Other if the purpose of the Call remains unidentified
1.2Prospect TypeSelect the Prospect Type only when Call Type is Sales or ServiceNew ProspectNew Prospect is a new customer prospect who has not used the company's services before and is calling regarding the purchase of goods or services.
Existing ProspectExisting Prospect is a customer prospect who has previously used the company's services before and is
Referral Prospect
Section 2: Call Classification
2.1Call StatusSelect the Call Status only when Call Type is General Business or OtherEmployee Callthe Caller is an employee of the company.
Employment CallCaller is seeking employment with the company.
Personal CallCaller is having a personal conversation, non-business related, with someone at the company.
Vendor/DistributorCaller is a representative of one of the company's Vendors or Distributors.
SolicitorCaller is attempting to sell a product or service.
Non-EnglishWhen the Caller is speaking or requests to speak in any language other than English.
Wrong NumberCaller has called a wrong number.
OtherThe purpose of the call remains unidentified OR does not fall into one of the above categories.
2.2Current CustomerIs the Caller as Current Customer of the Company?YESCaller is Considered a Current Customer if Caller currently has an appointment scheduled or has had an appointment completed within the last 4 weeks/30 days.
Appointment StatusDoes the Caller mention an existing appointment?N/ACaller does not mention an existing appointment or making changes to an existing appointment.
Appointment ConfirmationCaller is confirming a previously scheduled appointment.
Appointment RescheduleCaller is rescheduiling a previously scheduled appointment.
Appointment CancellationCaller is cancelling a previously scheduled appointment without rescheduling the appointment.
Repeat CallerHas the Caller previously called about the same issue?YESCaller is calling about an issue that has not been resolved from their previous call.
NOCaller is calling about a new issue.
Section 3: Call Resolution
3.1Call AbandonsSelect how the call ends, if there is no natural completion.N/A
No ConnectionCall drops/disconnects before Caller can connect with an Agent or Representative.
Disconnected In ProgressCall drops/disconnects while Agent and Caller are speaking to one another.
Hold/Transfer Abandon"This includes any calls where: - Caller is placed on hold and call drops/disconnects. - Caller is transferred and call drops/disconnects during transfer."
Voicemail AbandonCaller is transferred to voicemail and does not leave a message.
Left Message / VoicemailDoes the Caller leave a message for an individual at the Company or leave a voicemail message?YESCaller leaves a message for a specific employee at the Company. OR Caller leaves a voicemail message.
NOCaller does not leave a message or voicemail for anyone at the Company.