As you have seen throughout previous articles, and probably in your own experiences, coaching is the best way to improve the performance of an agent, or a group of agents. However, looking at a scorecard every day, or per call, can become pretty challenging to do for all of your agents, and especially challenging to […]

Call Center Agent Coaching Call Center Agents can be under a lot of pressure to perform to all of the criteria you have. All of which are required to get the best service for your customers. However, some Agents can find it challenging to understand which skills they lack and excel at already. Coaching your […]

Imagine having the power to quickly locate ten calls where your agents did not comply with TCPA regulations. Such a discovery could potentially save you from costly penalties. Better yet, imagine if you are having an agent struggling with a particular process; all you have to do is pull up similar calls for coaching. On […]

Do you have Multilingual Customer Support? According to a study by The International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) and Lionbridge, 74% of consumers are likely to make a repeat purchase if the after-sales service is offered in their language. 58% of Consumers also said customer support in their native language improved their loyalty to a brand. […]

Regardless of how strong your excel game is, as a call center manager, you need a reliable system to analyze your agent’s performance to increase forecast accuracy and improve operational effectiveness and schedule efficiency. Sadly, most small to medium-sized businesses think they are saving money by using spreadsheets to manage and forecast the call center […]