Imagine a call center with 3,000 agents, each making an average of 50 calls a day. Such a center has the opportunity to makeover one million personal connections with consumers in a week. Even with these approximations, it’s easy to make the case that large contact centers have customer influence similar to, if not greater […]

Are your agents happy? Great leaders recognize that every employee is a representative of the company and that how the employees are treated is how they treat the customers. What’s more, Economists’ latest study from the University of Warwick proves that happy employees are more productive by 12% and that unhappy employees are 10% less […]

Back in the 1960s, Daniel Kahneman, a Nobel award-winning psychologist, gave a lecture on the value of positive vs. negative reinforcement to a team of Israeli Air Force flight instructors. He proposed that positive reinforcement always produced better results, a proposal to which the instructors naturally scoffed. After all, in their years of experience, the opposite […]

One of the most challenging jobs for a call centre manager is dealing with poor agent performance. After all, wherever poor performance is not adequately diagnosed and confronted, the costs are enormous regarding rising customer complaints, lost productivity and lost profits.
Therefore, an essential step in the performance management system is to diagnose why the performance problem occurs — the “root cause”. If we don’t correctly identify the causes, how can we possibly figure out the solution?

Imagine a contact center where the manager has put in place defined procedures and practices to ensure flexibility, organization, knowledge retention, and effective communication. The contact manager calls all the agents and tells them, “If you want to be a successful agent and provide quality customer support, this is how to do it.” Now imagine […]