Two customers call a customer rep at the same time with the same complaint. One customer stays on hold while the other waits only for a few seconds before an agent gets online. Why the difference?   The contact center is fast becoming one of the most important collectors and sources of valuable business data. […]

Regardless of how strong your excel game is, as a call center manager, you need a reliable system to analyze your agent’s performance to increase forecast accuracy and improve operational effectiveness and schedule efficiency. Sadly, most small to medium-sized businesses think they are saving money by using spreadsheets to manage and forecast the call center […]

Imagine a call center with 3,000 agents, each making an average of 50 calls a day. Such a center has the opportunity to makeover one million personal connections with consumers in a week. Even with these approximations, it’s easy to make the case that large contact centers have customer influence similar to, if not greater […]

Did you know that 79% of contact centres receive calls from customers who are not English speakers? Not-surprisingly, 60% of customers expect to receive customer service in their native language according to a 2016 study by the International Customer Management Institute and Lionbridge. So can you afford to lose 60% of your customers just because […]

Call center quality assurance is, for most call centers, an objective that is easier said than done. However, it is undeniably a vital aspect of everyday operations, which leads to significant dividends in improving, exposing, and correcting weaknesses and further enhancing customer service, so the result is improved contact center performance. Still, when selecting a […]

Organizational chemistry and teamwork are vital components of any successful business. What happens, though, when professionalism is tossed out the window in place of friendship? This happens far too often in the workplace, specifically in a call center environment where quality customer experience is of utmost priority; this can have devastating effects. Imagine this situation […]