Imagine having the power to quickly locate ten calls where your agents did not comply with TCPA regulations. Such a discovery could potentially save you from costly penalties. Better yet, imagine if you are having an agent struggling with a particular process; all you have to do is pull up similar calls for coaching. On […]

Are your agents happy? Great leaders recognize that every employee is a representative of the company and that how the employees are treated is how they treat the customers. What’s more, Economists’ latest study from the University of Warwick proves that happy employees are more productive by 12% and that unhappy employees are 10% less […]

Over the past decade, we have seen a text revolution. Email, social media, and instant messaging technologies have ushered in a new communication method. As with most declining technologies, the exodus from voice communication has been led by millennials and younger generations looking for instant attention and gratification. Text-based interactions are fast, responsive, and can be […]

With the year coming to a close and 2017 just over the horizon, it makes sense to look to the future in anticipation of things to come in contact centers around the globe. Throughout the 20th century, contact centers primarily supported customers via the telephone. However, as customers have come to expect 24-hour, 7-day-a-week resolution services […]

Customer experience is often viewed as a cost center – a necessary evil. In fact, the majority of companies outsource it to the lowest bidder with clear directives to keep the costs as low as possible. After all, it’s not like customer experience generates profits, right? Wrong! These so-called cost centers are vital team players […]