No matter how great your business’s product or service is, if you don’t have a skilled and productive set of employees, then you won’t achieve the level of success you’re truly capable of reaching. The vast majority of your company’s long-term success depends on the performance of your staff. The following list provides some valuable […]

Imagine having the power to quickly locate ten calls where your agents did not comply with TCPA regulations. Such a discovery could potentially save you from costly penalties. Better yet, imagine if you are having an agent struggling with a particular process; all you have to do is pull up similar calls for coaching. On […]

Every day,  contact centers around the world record billions of agent calls.  As part of a typical call center operation, a percentage of these recordings is usually evaluated by a quality assurance company to monitor agent-customer interactions, e.g., Was the customer’s problem solved? However, the process of manually evaluating calls suffers from some problems. 1. […]

One of the most challenging jobs for a call centre manager is dealing with poor agent performance. After all, wherever poor performance is not adequately diagnosed and confronted, the costs are enormous regarding rising customer complaints, lost productivity and lost profits.
Therefore, an essential step in the performance management system is to diagnose why the performance problem occurs — the “root cause”. If we don’t correctly identify the causes, how can we possibly figure out the solution?