Imagine having the power to quickly locate ten calls where your agents did not comply with TCPA regulations. Such a discovery could potentially save you from costly penalties. Better yet, imagine if you are having an agent struggling with a particular process; all you have to do is pull up similar calls for coaching. On […]

Two customers call a customer rep at the same time with the same complaint. One customer stays on hold while the other waits only for a few seconds before an agent gets online. Why the difference?   The contact center is fast becoming one of the most important collectors and sources of valuable business data. […]

Every day,  contact centers around the world record billions of agent calls.  As part of a typical call center operation, a percentage of these recordings is usually evaluated by a quality assurance company to monitor agent-customer interactions, e.g., Was the customer’s problem solved? However, the process of manually evaluating calls suffers from some problems. 1. […]

Imagine a contact center where the manager has put in place defined procedures and practices to ensure flexibility, organization, knowledge retention, and effective communication. The contact manager calls all the agents and tells them, “If you want to be a successful agent and provide quality customer support, this is how to do it.” Now imagine […]

Effective communication in your contact center is at the core of every successful business. Not long ago, the ability to communicate effectively was viewed as a ‘soft’ skill that was nice to have but not necessary. However, at Call Criteria, we have seen firsthand how previously neglected soft skills and an individual’s ability to communicate effectively […]

In this day and age, where customers readily switch companies unless they get the experience they want, forward-thinking companies know they need to find a way to make themselves stand apart from the competition. Your contact center plays an especially important role in shaping your customer’s experience. By analyzing your customer-agent interactions (or having us […]

What is gamification? From receiving a badge on Foursquare for being the first of your friends to check in at a particular restaurant to completing your Subway punch card to win a free sandwich, gamification has been explored and utilized in practically every vertical imaginable. At Call Criteria, we use gamification as a simple morale-booster, though […]