Coaching Made Easy

Coaching is one of the hardest processes to get right. Utilize our dashboard to retrieve all of the data you need to create actionable plans.

  • Individual Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Coaching by Scorecards
  • Point Specific Coaching


Coaching Session Dashboard

The Call Criteria Coaching session dashboard provides you with all of the information you could ever need to train all of your agents to the highest standards

Progress Reports
Coach on Necessity
Increase Performance


How Coaching Works

  • Identify Agent Problems

    Quickly evaluate where agents are having the most trouble.

  • Create a Targeted Plan

    Never waste time coaching on irrelevant items.

  • Track The Results

    Ensure the coaching is EFFECTIVE by reviewing history since coaching.


Coaching Performance Matters

Set The Standards That Your Customers Require

Matching your performance monitoring criteria to your organization’s goals and the customer’s expectations has never been easier than Call Criterias custom scorecards and coaching to match.

How Having Standards Helps

  • Definite Agent Requirements
  • Less Agent Confusion
  • Set Individual Goals
  • Coach To Better Results

Coaching With Pinpoint Accuracy

Coaching a whole team for points that only a few people miss is a huge waste of time. Being able to coach certain agents on specific points increases productivity and reduces wasted time.

Team Management

  • Show precise Problems
  • Reward Great Agents
  • Reduce Coaching Time
  • Increase Team Performance

Show Your Team What Good And Bad Looks Like

Having the ability to show your agents exactly what good and bad performance is can help encourage better performance throughout the team, giving you more consistency in your agent’s ability.

Showing Behaviours Increases Performance

  • Increased Agent Knowledge
  • Better Team Visibility
  • Higher Morale
  • Consistent Performance

Consistency Is The Key To Perfect Coaching

One-off coaching is only effective for a short amount of time. Continuous coaching is easy when you look at individual issues with individual agents. Our dashboard provides easy, constant agent tracking.

Coach On Individual Performance

  • Pinpoint Coaching
  • Continuous Improvement
  • High Individual Performance
  • High Team Morale


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