Customer Service

Section Short Name Long Question YES NO NA
Opening Greeting Did the Agent properly introduced himself, and his department?
Opening Branding Did the Agent properly brand the company?
Customer Verification Account Verification Did the agent verify the account information?
Customer Verification Phone number and/or email Did the agent ask for the phone number/ and or email?
Customer Verification SSN Did the agent verify the last 4 of SSN?
Customer Verification Customer Last Name Did the agent verify the last name of the customer?
Reason for Call Issue Identification Did the agent ask for the customer's concern?
Reason for Call Probing Did the agent asked the right questions to get the root cause of the issue?
Resolution Empathy Did the agent provide empathy?
Resolution Agent took ownership of the problem Did the agent took ownership of the problem?
Resolution Used resources Did the agent used his resources to solve the problem?
Resolution Provided Solution Did the agent provide issue resolution?
Resolution Provided support resources online Did the agent suggest aticles or resources available online?
Resolution Provided reference number Did the agent provide the reference number of the call?
Resolution Confirmation from Customer Did the agent confirmed that the issue was resolved?
Compliance Update of customer information Did the agent ask for updated customer info?
Compliance Agent updated notes Did the agent update the notes based on the call?
Compliance Proper authorization Did the agent ask for authorization from the supervisor?
Upselling Offered bundling Did the agent offer any product upgrade?
Closing Summarize the Call Did the agent completely summarized the call
Closing Thank you Did the agent properly thanked the customer?
Closing End the call Did the agent properly end the call?