Debt Consolidation

Section Short Name Long Question
Opening Introduction Did the Agent properly introduced himself, and his department?
Opening Recorded Line Did the agent inform the lead that the call is recorded?
Opening Purpose of the Call Did the agent inform the lead of the purpose of the call?
Lead Verification Customer Verification Did the agent verify the lead info?
Lead Verification Qualifying Questions Did the agent asked all qualifying questions?
Gathering of Info Sub Interest Rate Qualifiers Did the agent ask for sub interest rate qualifiers?
Gathering of Info Clarifications Did the agent ask for any clarification?
Gathering of Info Contact Information Did the agent complete the contact information?
Compliance False / Misleading Statements Did the agent provide any false/misleading statements?
Compliance Mismatch Was there a data mismatch?
Compliance Interest Rate Quote Did the agent provide the interest rate quote?
Compliance Failed Client Review Did the agent fail the lead?
Compliance Lead Falsification Did the agent do any lead falsification?
Closing Recap Values Did the agent recap the call details?
Handover Transfer to Lender Did the agent properly introduced the lead to the lender?
Handover Transfer Hand-off Did the agent provide all the necessary information to the lender?
Soft Skills Speech Did the agent speak according to the lead's pace?