Multi-Channel Analytics

Multi-Channel Analytics

  • Contact Methods That Students Prefer
  • The Data That You Need
  • Actionable Insights
  • Enable Team Growth
  • Better Education Support

Innovation in Education

With educational institutions being some of the busiest organizations globally, you need to know that your call center staff are doing their best to support the students in every aspect that they can. To help the economy grow and increase productivity, you need real QA to help your business keep up with the demands.

Proven Education QA Solutions

The last thing you want is a Quality Assurance team with no experience in the education sector. Here at Call Criteria, we have proven to some of the largest educational industries in the world that we can help them grow their business by nearly 1,000% in the number of agents and call volume.

Uncovering Top Missed Points In Education

  • Technical Experience
  • Uncovering Work Experience
  • Start Date And Program Length
  • Class Schedule
  • Student Interest

Least Missed Points In Education

  • FERPA Violation
  • Avoiding Slang
  • Avoid Dependents
  • Avoid Disabilities
  • Avoid Religion