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    Secure Financial Data

    • Compliance Monitoring
    • Data Security
    • PCI Certified Agents
    • Call Tagging
    • Customer Acquisition
    • Omnichannel Auditing

    Data Breach Security

    Data breaches are one of the biggest threats to any industry. The financial sector is even more vulnerable. Therefore, you need a Quality Assurance team that can handle the data in a sensitive and compliant way. Call Criteria has a vast track record of keeping the data you need safe and secure.

    Accurate Tagging

    There are many sides to the financial institution, and it can become messy, keeping all of the data on different systems depending on the type of call. The Call Criteria dashboard will allow you to filter types of calls with ease.

    Top Missed Points In Finance

    • Tax Authorization
    • Filing Extensions
    • Previous Loans
    • Safe Sender
    • Major Life Changes

    Least Missed Points In Finance

    • Rebuttals
    • Good Attitude
    • Avoid Interruptions
    • Avoid misleading Statements
    • Return Filing