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    February 12, 2021

    Five Things Your Crazy Rep is Saying

    Lead: I’m a jedi ninja warrior.
    Rep: Oh great, so does that mean you want to start your own business?

    You don’t know jack, Jack!

    So you’re saying you never want to excel at anything in life and just live at home in your parents basement? It’s probably time to get a job and the only way to do that is to go back to school!

    You know, {College Name} is holding an open house soon and they’re actually giving out free computers to those who sign up there!

    No health insurance!?! Blasphemy! If you get in an accident tomorrow, you would be on the streets!

    Want to know what your reps are saying? Contact me to find out how we can grade 110% of your calls so you can rest easy at night knowing that your reps won’t make it onto this list!