When followed correctly, your business process delivers results. Many of those processes include drivers that lead to high conversion rates and satisfied customers. You need compliant and educated team members to follow the process and achieve success! If they would only follow the process!! Poor performance might be due to any number of things, but you know that you have created the process that leads to conversion!! You know that poor performance is not due to the process. You have designed the perfect script, the perfect call flow, the perfect rebuttals, etc. You just need team members that will follow the process. One of the most overlooked pieces of the call center equation is successfully evaluating the skills and performance of each individual team member. Well, that is sometimes easier said than done. That can be tricky and expensive to say the least. Well, it used to be. Call Criteria is a quality assurance solution using human analysts, and you will love our value propositions, which include driving down quality assurance costs and providing a rock-star system. You will easily be able to see the actions you need to take to get the results that you have designed!! You will simply know who is following the process and who is not. If you are not evaluating the skills and behaviors of your team members then how do you know where they are going off track and deviating from your winning process? If you have a process in place but you know that it isn’t efficient and clunky at best, or maybe you just know that it is expensive and you are looking for a better way, then contact us for more information. We will be at LeadsCon Las Vegas on March 3-4, or you can reach us at sales@test.test. Or visit our website at www.callcriteria.com. You have a winning process and you know it!! If they would only FOLLOW THE PROCESS!!