What is gamification? From receiving a badge on Foursquare for being the first of your friends to check in at a particular restaurant to completing your Subway punch card to win a free sandwich, gamification has been explored and utilized in practically every vertical imaginable. We at Call Criteria use gamification as a simple morale booster, though the depth in which it can be used can vary greatly. Gamification is generally referred to as the use of game design and mechanics to enhance non-game contexts.   Gamification of Contact Center QA Games, in any form, can increase motivation through engagement and incentive structures. Few things demonstrate the general lack of agent motivation quite like the high churn rates experienced in contact centers across the U.S. In fact, the churn rate in U.S. contact centers is so high that resignations in contact centers alone represents 60% of total U.S. business turnover. It’s no surprise then that one of the biggest keys to reducing contact center attrition is through ensuring agents are happy and motivated in their workplace environment.   What is the first step to gamifying QA in my Contact Center? Before you can begin “gamifying’ your contact center QA, it’s crucial that both your QA team and agents are on the same page. Agents first need to understand your goals and vision as an organization so that they can adjust customer interactions accordingly. This needs to be reflected in the scorecard or evaluation form used to evaluate performance, alongside clearly defined expectations and short and long-term objectives.   Three Effective Ways to Gamify Call Center QA
  1. Create incentives and friendly competition among agents
What if you introduced a game in your contact center where your agents earned points for different actions and goals reached? Over time, your agents would then be able to use those accumulated points to enter company contests for a chance to win attractive prizes. For this to work however, the incentive needs to be appealing enough while still being within arm’s reach of realistically having a shot at achieving it. This doesn’t necessarily mean a trip to the Bahamas or a new car, rather it could be as simple as a pair of vouchers to the local burger joint. By creating an environment that is competitive without the drama, you can generate the right amount of fun-spirited rivalry that often leads to greater effort and passion.  
  1. Public recognition
Whether you work in the same physical space as your staff or work remotely, public recognition holds a lot of traction, which is why you should do it every chance you get. Publicly praising your agents goes far beyond just a pat on the back and has several benefits;
  • It creates a sense of pride for an individual within the scope of the team
  • It drives individual performance
  • It motivates the team to improve their overall production
  • It drapes a ‘feel good’ atmosphere over the agents that promotes team confidence and comradery
A written message on the main office whiteboard or a congratulatory meme on the community wall only takes a few minutes, and yet its effects will last long after it’s been erased.  
  1. Allow agents to see and compare their KPI scores
Giving your agents the chance to view and compare their KPI scores against their peers not only promotes friendly competition, it also allows the top performers to see how they relate to the rest of the team. What’s more, using those scores, you can create learning sessions where the top performers share their tips and tricks. Doing so will empower your agents and encourage further collaboration and teamwork. ___ By gamifying your contact center QA process, you’ll be able to motivate staff and improve performance seemingly without effort, which is why making the QA process fun, productive and empowering for your agents is a win-win for everyone involved.