Section Short Name Long Question YES NO NA
Introduction Agent Name & Company Name Did the agent clearly state his name and the company name?
Introduction Reason for Calling Did the agent state the reason for the call?
Introduction Identifies client as 65 yo Did the agent identify the client or someone in the household is turning 65 within the next 6 months?
Sales Medicare Part A & B Did the agent confirm that both Medicare Part A & B will be in effect when the client turns 65?
Sales Golden Window The agent mentions the golden window for enrollment.
Sales Not Taking Part B The client is not taking Part A or B when he turns 65 yo.
Sales Company's Role Did the agent explain the company's role?
Sales Current Health Insurance Did the agent ask if the client currently has any health insurance?
Closing/Transfer Introduces Insurance Agent Did the agent introduce the licensed Health Insurance Agent by name?
Closing/Transfer Pen & Paper Did the agent prompt the client to get a pen and paper?
Closing/Transfer Completes Warm Transfer Did the agent complete the warm transfer to the next agent?
Closing/Transfer Script & Transition Did the agent flow through the script and transitions smoothly?
Nature of Call Tone, Articulation, Pitch, Volume, & Pace The rep have the proper tone, articulation, pitch, volume, and pace.
Nature of Call Unique Approach The rep adapts their approach uniquely to the agent.
Nature of Call Dead Air & Interruptions The rep have no long silences, interrupting or talking over the
Nature of Call Active Listening The rep have active listening skills.