February 11, 2021

Here’s Why Big Brother Tactics Don’t Improve Quality Management

When properly implemented, a quality management program can transform both customer and agent performance. However, the sad reality is that most contact center managers and supervisors are often too busy, ultimately resorting to big brother tactics. What about you? How are you maintaining quality in your contact center? Are you tracking bathroom breaks?
With years of experience in improving quality monitoring processes, we have learned that meeting your customers’ and agents’ needs begins with a solid quality monitoring program based on quality, not quantity.

We Recommend The Following Time-Tested Suggestions For Getting The Best Results In Quality Management

Recognize  agents as your most significant asset
Put customer experience as the primary goal
• Treat service like a product
• Ensure quality is everyone’s responsibility
Most importantly,  keep in mind that the days of Big Brother watching are long gone. Instead, agents are more concerned about;

1. How am well am I performing compared to other agents?

2. How can I improve on my weak points?

3. How can I get on-demand access to the right information?

4.   Am I learning and growing?

Although we operate in a time-driven environment,  we have to be careful to focus on the right objectives instead of strict mandates that always backfire. We have to be available with the correct information when our customers call us; that’s where coaching comes in. When based on agent-customer data, coaching will;
• Allow your agents to become more engaged
• Improve communications skills
• Correct undesirable behavior
Improve procedures
• Decrease employee turnover
• Increase productivity
So at the end of the day, it’s not really about how well your agents adhere to the scripts; instead, it’s about getting engagement from the ground up and backing it with the right data on why quality matters so much.