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SectionShort NameLong Question
OpeningGreetingDid the agent used the opening spiel?
Gathering informationCustomer NameDid the agent confirm customer's name?
Gathering informationCustomer AddressDid the agent verify customer address?
Gathering informationCustomer Phone NumberDid the agent asked for a primary and a secondary phone number?
Gathering informationIssue IdentificationDid the agent ask for the issue that needs to be addressed?
Appointment setAppointment Date / TimeDid the agent confirm the appointment date and time?
Appointment setConfirmation NumberDid the agent provide the confirmation number?
Appointment setApron / IdentificationDid the agent provide the apron number?
Appointment setStore Hours / DirectionsDid the agent provide the store address and hours?
Appointment setOther issuesDid the agent ask for other concerns?
ClosingThank youDid the agent thank the customer?
ClosingClosingDid the agent properly closed the call?