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    Secure Quality Assurance

    • Call Tagging
    • Data Security
    • Compliance Confidence
    • Customer Acquisition
    • Actionable Insights
    • Omnichannel Auditing

    Tag and Track

    Understand your customer’s requirements more than ever before with accurate human and AI tagging and tracking of call requirements. All of the information is then stored in an easy to use dashboard with simple yet effective filtering and monitoring to get the most out of your Quality Assurance.

    Concentrate On Your Customers

    The home services sector is orientated around customer experience. The more time and resources you use up concentrating on Quality Assurance, the less time you have to service your customers.

    Top Missed Points In Home Services

    • Offer Additional Products Or Services
    • Repeat Information
    • Any Additional Issues
    • Provide Payment Terms
    • Ask For Age Of Equipment

    Least Missed Points In Home Services

    • Previous Customer
    • Overcome all Questions and Objections
    • Qualified Lead Type
    • Next Steps
    • Call Resolution