Home Warranty

Section Question Long Question
Opening Greeting Did the agent use the greeting script?
Opening Branding Did the agent properly brand the call?
Account Verification Policy Number Did the agent verify the policy number?
Account Verification SSN Did the agent verify the last 4 of SSN?
Data Gathering Claim Type Did the agent ask for the type of claim?
Data Gathering Policy confirmation Did the agent verify the customer's policy?
Data Gathering Claims Discussion Did the agent thoroughly discussed the policy claims procedure to the customer?
Documentation Claim Confirmation Number Did the agent provide the policy claim confirmation to the customer?
Documentation Set Expectation Did the agent set the expectations to the customer?
Issue Resolution Confirm Resolution Did the agent confirm with the customer that the issue has been resolved?
Issue Resolution Other Issues Did the agent ask for any other issues?
Closing Summarize the Call Did the agent completely summarized the call?
Closing Thank you Did the agent properly thanked the customer?
Closing End the call Did the agent properly end the call?