February 12, 2021

How Can Call Centers Effectively Manage Their Workload?

Call center callers have a lot on their plates. They not only talk to customers, sometimes very upset customers, but they have to record their interactions with customers, respond to emails, complete training, meet their goals set by leadership teams, and talk to more customers. Without effectively managing the workload, call center employees could struggle with their work. To prevent this, here are three things you can implement to help your call center manage their workload.

Smart Scheduling

Scheduling is important when it comes to call centers. Certain times of the year are more stressful than others. For example, your particular call center might be really hectic right after the Christmas holidays. By reviewing the history of your call center, you can anticipate trends and when the workload might be difficult for your callers. Then you can prepare your callers beforehand so that the busy season is less stressful. Scheduling also matters for the mental load of your callers. If they work too long without breaks, their calls will suffer. Building breaks into the schedule is important to maintaining the sanity of your callers and will help them manage their workload.

Dividing Responsibilities

Something that may also help manage the workload of your callers is to divide responsibilities. For example, you can divide the responsibilities of calling and responding to emails to different sets of your employees. This gives your callers a break from calling consistently and allows the other work to still be done. If you’re using web chat to connect with consumers, modern web chat features can help you distribute the workload better. Dividing the responsibilities will make it so that your callers do not get burdened with all their responsibilities at once.

Utilize the Strengths of Employees

Along with dividing the responsibilities of your employees, you should also utilize their individual strengths. If you know that one employee is always willing to work the extra mile, you can assign them to a leadership position. If you know that another employee is a stronger writer than speaker, you can assign them on emails. This not only divides up the responsibilities, but it plays according to their strengths and allows you to easier divide the workload.
Call centers can be incredibly busy as the callers deal with customer service calls, emails, and administrative tasks. But by helping them manage their workload, you can help your callers not get overwhelmed.
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