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    February 12, 2021

    How to Cultivate Teamwork amongst Employees

    Teamwork is essential to the success and personal growth of your business. Even if certain employee’s day-to-day workloads are solely a one-person process, it’s still important for everyone in the company to how to work as a team. When people work in a team atmosphere they trust, it improves problem-solving, productivity, and resources are used more effectively. If you are seeking ways to improve teamwork amongst your employees, there are a few things to consider:

    Encourage off-line conversations.

    Even though your employees may be working from home, reduce the number of online conversations you are having. It may be easy to send an email or communicate via instant messaging, but it does not help develop better relationships among employees. Often, emotions and tone can get lost in technology, leaving people feeling more divided and disconnected in the workplace. Encourage employees to have phone conversations or video chat meetings with each other. Also, be sure to set an example. Make it a habit to talk things out with your employees off-line.

    Get your employees together out of the context of work.

    Schedule a weekly meeting to break the ice with your employees. Talk about goals or successes for the week, the challenges each employee faces, and how they feel working remotely right now. These conversations can help improve teamwork and provide insights as to how each person is doing. It may also offer an opportunity for someone to provide their own ideas and assistance into an issue brought up in the meeting. It is an essential way of improving teamwork and building coworker relationships.

    Give everyone a clear assignment.

    If you are building a specific team together for a project – especially one outside of everyone’s usual job duties – make sure everyone has a clear part to play. Carefully detail the job duties for everyone and assign a leader that can check into everyone’s workload and progress. Also, make sure no one feels overwhelmed. Conduct regular meetings that include status updates on the project overall as well as on an individual level.
    With more and more employers having people work from home, it can be easy to feel disconnected from your staff. Building a teamwork environment is essential to keeping everyone on the same page. Contact Call Criteria if you need coaching services to make sure your call center thrives.