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    October 18, 2021

    Techniques to Improve Sales Performance in Call Center?

    Call/contact centers can improve sales performance by using the following techniques:

    1. Use a call tracking system to monitor sales agent and sales team calls, identify problems in your process, and make changes that will increase customer satisfaction.

    We recommend technology and software tools such as a high-performance sales analysis dashboard.

    1. Make sure you have an effective follow-up plan for each contact or lead. This is especially important when selling products over the phone.

    How Does the Sales Analysis Dashboard Measure Call Center Performance?

    A high-performance sales analysis dashboard is a powerful tool for analyzing the quality of customer service and call handling, as well as identifying opportunities to improve it.

    It provides an overview of all incoming phone calls, including their duration, type, an agent assigned, caller ID information, etc.

    The system also allows you to view detailed reports on each individual call, such as:

    Caller ID – Who called? What was his/her reason for calling?

    This sales data will help your company make better decisions about how best to handle customers’ needs.

    You’ll be able to see which agents are most effective at closing deals, what types of leads they’re generating, and whether or not they need additional training in order to close more business.

    Set Goals, Observe Key Metrics, and Track Results

    A high-performance dashboard will allow you to see what’s going right as well as what needs improvement.

    You’ll also have access to data such as average handle time, customer satisfaction score, and more.

    These types of tools help companies improve their overall productivity while providing them with valuable insight into which areas they should focus on improving.

    High-Performance Dashboard Features:

    • Real-Time Reporting – Get immediate updates on all aspects of your operation including key metrics like Average Handling Times, Customer Satisfaction Scores, and much more!

    • Customizable Reports – Create reports tailored specifically to meet your unique requirements. For example, if you want to know exactly who has been handling calls the longest, then create a report just for those individuals.

    • Data Visualization Tools – See trends over a period of time so you can quickly identify problems before they become major issues. With our interactive charts and graphs, you’ll always stay one step ahead of your competition.

    Features in Tracking an Individual Agent or Team

    Understanding why your sales are low is the key to long-term success A good way to do this is through the tools of the dashboard.

    Real-time reporting and insights into where you may be losing out on potential sales can be identified among each contact center agent.

    Call center agent productivity is vital to your success.

    Here we look at some features that would enable us to track an individual agent or team and overall lead to an increase in revenue.

    • Rebuttal Opportunities – Visualizing the number of rebuttal opportunities that your business has will help to understand your customers. Or maybe the customer doesn’t fully understand the quality of service or products. In either case, these rebuts may indicate a problem within your organization.
    • Call Logs – Viewing the number of times a particular agent handled a specific call helps determine if the agent is doing a good job explaining your product or services. A low number of rebuttals indicates that the call center agent did a great job communicating with the customer. Knowing the percentage of calls containing objections is essential for business growth.
    • Non-relevant Rebuttals – If there were no relevant rebuttals, this could mean that the agent didn’t do enough research prior to answering the question. This would result in poor communication between agents and customers interactions.
    • DNC Violations – High numbers of DNC violations mean that your sales team isn’t following up properly after taking a lead from a potential customer.

    Call Center Sales Tips for Agent Performance

    When handling sales or customer calls in your contact center, there’s no substitute for good old-fashioned hard work!

    Most of this is covered in basic sales training, but quality customer service is essential to company reputation, customer loyalty, and sales performance.

    Here are some tips for anticipating customer expectations and improving customer retention:

    • Be friendly but professional. Your attitude should reflect confidence and enthusiasm while maintaining professionalism. Customer experience begins with the first impression made when someone answers the telephone. A positive greeting sets the tone for the entire conversation.
    • Listen carefully. When people talk, listen intently without interrupting them. Customer feedback helps you understand why certain things happen during the course of a conversation. If possible, ask questions so you can learn from the situation.
    • Using scripts improves call center agent response time by answering effectively to common situations. They provide structure and consistency, helping ensure that every interaction follows the same pattern.

    Tips for Call Center Manager

    Growing any business’ call center begins with building an increase in employee engagement, and that’s derived from a great manager who leads his entire team to success.

    Keeping a team productive and building strong morale can be done by:

    Productive Training – The key to success in uniting a strong sales team is to be the first coach and provide proper training for call center effectiveness.

    Educating agents on how to act during sales calls and covering the advantages of dashboard tools should lead to agent empowerment.

    Consistent Monitoring – From there, consistently analyzing your sales performance through the tools of the dashboard should be self-serving, as mentioned above. Analyzing performance, creating an action plan, and executing new results is the reoccurring goal.

    Rewarding Agents – Insights and results should display your call center agent productivity, and top-performing agents should be rewarded for their handwork and exceptional service. This positive reinforcement will encourage more productive behavior on their part, as well as, inspire other sales colleagues.


    All in all, using a high-performance dashboard for your call center can help your agents and team go that extra mile. Not only does it provide you with useful insights, but it also saves you money and improves efficiency.

    The advantageous tools of the dashboard are a great solution to your quality assurance needs through the ability to monitor trends and patterns within your call center.

    You’ll be able to identify problems before they become major issues. It allows you to spot weaknesses early on and take corrective measures quickly.

    If you want to learn more about how these dashboards can benefit your organization, contact us today!