February 12, 2021

Improving Call Center Metrics Through Careful Observation

How do you optimize call center work? It’s a question that has kept many a busy manager up at night. When you’re conducting significant call center operations in any vertical or industry manner, quality matters; that’s the bottom line. Your results have to do with how effectively your workers communicate with the people on the other end of the line, whether it’s to conduct surveys, sell products and services, troubleshoot problems or deal with money – or anything else.

With that in mind, it’s a good idea to look at every alternative for conducting the quality assurance that’s going to promote your call center’s long-term success.

Human Analysis and The Script

Yes, there’s a script for a lot of call center work. But part of the problem is that human communications are not inherently scriptable. There are too many ‘black swan’ scenarios and wildcards in the mix. You can’t accurately script what the other person will say, so you soon get into uncharted waters, no matter how great your script is.

Call center workers know this from experience. Many of them scoff at the idea that a script will be useful beyond a brief introduction or a basic roadmap for follow-up.

Much more of the work of a given call center session involves working directly with the unanticipated impact you get from a caller. That, and listening to a person’s unique problems and needs. It has much more to do with the kinds of quality assurance that are only done after the fact – through detailed call monitoring, detailed benchmarking, and sophisticated oversight.

With that in mind, why not have excellent QA solutions that involve human analysis of calls? Sure, you can get something out of the box that brings you some call metrics, but there’s a lot of opacity there; you don’t really get true business intelligence for feeding back into your operations.

That’s what we’re about here at CallCriteria – our AI-enabled voice analytics and quality assurance tools take a collaborative principle and build on it with excellent engineering to produce the QA that will drive actual success, not just a pale ghost of a solution. Please take a look at our web site for more on how our QA and observational systems work to safeguard the value that your operations bring to stakeholders and optimize its ability to reach its goals. We are here to help you and your clients succeed in today’s tech-heavy business world.