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    • Scorecard Regulation Updates
    • Compliance Conformity
    • Separate Leads and Claim Calls
    • Accurate Information
    • Data Security
    • PCI Certified

    Ensuring Insurance

    Insurance is a complicated industry, with regulations changing at a moment’s notice. Keeping up with the changes is not an easy task – especially when you have an in-house QA team with more than enough work. Call Criteria has an excellent track record in ensuring agents conform to regulations, new and old.

    Increase Reliability

    When you work in the insurance sector, you understand that there are many facets that need attention. Missing any of them can have disastrous consequences to the outcome of a claim or even litigation.

    Top Missed Points In Insurance

    • First and Last Name Confirmation
    • Existing Health Issues
    • Prescription Medication
    • Upcoming Medical Procedures
    • Declined Insurance Verification

    Least Missed Points In Insurance

    • Tax Advice Avoidance
    • Major Financial Problems
    • Financed Through Loan
    • Active Military
    • Moving Violations/Accidents