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    February 12, 2021

    IS Consistency The Key To Customer Satisfaction? 3 Guaranteed Ways To Streamline Your Customer Service

    Since the 1800s, the world has stood witness to 2 great middle-class expansions; we are living through the third. And according to a Reuters report by David Rohde, the middle class will have doubled in size by 2030, from the current 2 billion to 4.9 billion. What’s more, as this class continues to grow, it also gets more empowered, more confident, and more connected, further contributing to the growing customer demand experienced today.
    Long gone are the days when customer services were strictly reserved for office hours; today, courtesy of digital technology, customers can access their brand of choice through a plethora of platforms at any time of the day and with remarkable ease and speed too; leading to the emergence of the term ‘Omni-shoppers.’ From smartphones to tablets to a store visit, the Omni-shopper has indeed transformed customer service into a round-the-clock affair.
    Still, even with the increased ease and speed of communication, your business must provide a consistent customer experience if you want to out-maneuver your competitors. According to McKinsey’s report on the correlation between high-quality customer service and top-performing companies, consumers were found to trust organizations that were in the top quartile of delivering consistent customer service. The report further reveals that customer trust could also be monetized. By maximizing customer experience, companies could lift revenue b 15%, lower operational costs by 20% and increase customer satisfaction by 20%, a rather clear indication that consistency is the key to customer satisfaction.

    3 Guaranteed Ways To Streamline Your Customer Service

    It’s no doubt that every customer enters a business interaction with certain expectations. The problem only starts when your team is not on the same page. Below are some crucial points to facilitate consistency in the customer experience;

    1. Work on your branding

    Giant organizations aren’t the only ones that need to work on their brand. If you want to gain a competitive edge in today’s fierce market, you too need to work on your brand. Your brand represents a set of mental associations that your customers make when they think about your product or services. For instance, when you think about McDonald’s, the image of cheap fast food all over the country comes to mind. With this in mind, you want your customers to associate your products and services with positive feelings.

    1. Focus on Training

    Employees don’t just show up to work one day with impressive customer service skills; it takes effort on both sides. Your employees should be trained on the rules, policies, and supporting mechanisms necessary to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. This way, regardless of the various touchpoints that a customer may go through, your employees will deliver consistency and create an unmatched customer experience.

    1. Promote a healthy working culture

    According to a Newell Legner study –Understanding Customers- it takes at least 12 positive interactions to undo a single negative customer experience. Therefore, if you want to deliver consistent customer service, you ought to encourage a healthy working culture whereby your employees can put themselves in the customer’s situation and handle irate customers with expertise to avoid negative customer experiences.
    Do you want to build trust with your customers? Do you want to impress them with your ability always to meet their expectation? Most of all, do you want to show that you care? Well, building consistency in your customer experience will help you achieve all this and much more.
    Have you found these tips helpful? What other suggestions would you add to the list?