If your company uses an outside call center to generate leads, it’s absolutely vital that those call center operatives don’t do anything to damage your brand. In many industries, what your call center operatives say on the phone also has ramifications for corporate compliance – and if they step outside the boundaries of the law, your entire business could be in jeopardy. But short of making test calls yourself, how do you know that your call center operatives are in compliance with your industry’s standards and aren’t saying or doing anything to damage your brand? It’s simple: you hire a third-party quality assurance company like Call Criteria as a cost-effective solution to ensure your brand stays protected and your business stays compliant. At Call Criteria, we know that the rules and regulations in nearly every industry are constantly being changed and updated. By allowing Call Criteria to “listen in” on your call center operatives, you can be assured that all applicable requirements are being met at all times, and your business is staying compliant with the law. Placing human ears on every conversation also allows for a precise and accurate analysis of the quality of service your customers or potential customers are receiving. When you don’t have human ears listening to every call that comes in to your call center or comes out from it, you can’t identify your top and bottom performers and what makes them so special (or so lacking.) We can identify the call center operatives who are doing the best work for your business and brand, and weed out the bottom few who don’t represent you as well as you’d like. If your call center is performing below par, you need to know what’s wrong and how to fix it. That’s why you need Call Criteria – to give you the information you need to be empowered to change the behaviors that are causing poor performance in your call center. Contact Call Criteria today to get quality assurance for your call center!