The mortgage sector is one of the more complex industries to work in, especially in a call center. There is a lot of information that you need to gather to understand the calls to their full extent. That often results in confusion and misinformation with outdated QA.

The fact is that spreadsheets and unmanaged QA systems are not up to the job in the mortgage sector. You need a system as capable as you need, handling vast amounts of data and calls.

Keep Data Simple

Keep Data Simple

  • Accurate Financial Data
  • Compliance Conformity
  • Simple Auditing
  • Lead Generation
  • Streamlined Mortgage Operations
  • Script Adherence Monitoring

Mortgage Quality Assurance

With the introduction of hyper-regulation, the risk of getting into law battles and litigation is becoming more real. Staying within the compliance requirements is no easy task, especially when they are changing so often. You need accurate and traceable script monitoring that you can trust.

Spend Less Time Worrying

Regulations and compliance can be a real drain on resources, especially when you are using outdated technology. That can lead to disastrous consequences. Strict and easy to use Quality Assurance removes the worry and lets you focus on your customers.

Top Missed Points In Mortgages

  • Contact Information
  • Refinancing Cash Out
  • Late Payments
  • Qualifying Questions
  • Dwelling Type

Least Missed Points In Mortgages

  • Misleading Script
  • Interest Rate Quote
  • Refinance Loan Balance
  • Good Attitude
  • Property Value