Section Short Name Long Question YES NO NA
Questionnaire Greeting Did the agent state his/her first name, brand name and purpose of the call during the intro greeting?
Questionnaire Contact Information Did the agent verify ALL contact information?
Questionnaire Qualifying Questions Did the agent ask the customer all Qualifying Questions?
Questionnaire Clarifications Were all clarifications fulfilled by the agent?
Questionnaire False / Misleading Statements Did the agent avoid making false or misleading statements?
Questionnaire Speech Did the agent use good speech throughout the call?
Questionnaire Coaching Opportunities Did the agent complete the requirement fields in BRR CRM?
Questionnaire Mismatch Was the H/O qualified to be submitted to the lender with all meta data matching?
Questionnaire Transfer to Lender Did the agent notify the customer of the lender's name and get an affirmative response for transfer approval?
Questionnaire Transfer Hand-off Did the agent hand-off the call to the lender following the appropriate scripting read verbatim?
Autofail Lead Falsification Did the agent avoid submitting a falsified lead?
Autofail Interest Rate Quote Did the agent avoid quoting an interest rate on the call?
Autofail Failed Client Review Was the client review failed?