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    July 29, 2021

    Why Should You Outsource Quality Assurance to Call Center?

    Call centers are busy environments at the best of times. COVID-19 has impacted the global economy more than anyone ever anticipated.

    One of the major changes involved people working from home or remote offices.

    That has increased the requirements for call center agents, and the majority of them now work from home.

    Outsourced call center Quality Assurance may not be your biggest concern at the moment, but maybe it should be.

    Physical distance is something that we are dealing with every day.

    Even though we still call them in-house call centers, the fact is that they are more likely to be at an actual home, not a call center.

    Running an effective call center is now more difficult than ever before. Not only is that the case in one business model, but a wide range of industries.

    Outbound call centers, Inbound call centers, and even internal call centers are feeling the pressure.

    There are various reasons why you should consider outsourcing your contact center quality monitoring and Quality Assurance.

    Whether that is for a more effective call center or better control of regulatory compliance – this article will list some of those things.

    Why Do Our Customers Use Outsourced Call Center QA?

    Every business, at some point or another, will outsource some part of its work. There is a wide range of reasons why, too.

    Contact center solutions come in many different variations depending on the business models they run.

    However, all businesses have one thing in common; providing customer satisfaction and keeping them happy.

    Customer satisfaction scores can show that you have a competitive edge over other contact centers.

    But that involves considering some essential elements such as customer engagement, many customer stories, and making sure you make plenty of customers happy.

    While you may think that in-house call centers with internal QA are better, you may find higher contact center service quality, thus more success stories, with offshore outsourcing.

    But why?

    Outsourced Call Center QA Cost

    Contact center quality assurance is often regarded as a necessary evil, a cost that you must pay.

    Believe it or not, though, some businesses would rather not even have their own in-house agents doing the work as a measure of cost savings.

    The fact is, though, that customer service relies on QA, and there is little to no chance that you can ensure your call center functions correctly without it.

    However, many people believe the cost is too high to warrant the labor costs, no matter the hourly rate.

    But what if we were to tell you that you could reduce those costs so dramatically that you would barely notice?

    With the reduced costs of pay by the minute, offshore outsourcing is much cheaper than any contact center with in-house QA.

    Let’s use an example of in-house QA: (The numbers are used for illustrative purposes only, they may not reflect actual costs.)

    • One in-house QA agent in an inbound call center can listen to, review, and score ten calls a day at an average of 10-minute call length.
    • They work 8 hours a day.
    • You pay them $15 an hour.
    • That means you are paying $120 a day, or $12 per scored call, or $1.20 per call minute.

    Here are some estimated figures for outsourced QA and the reduced costs that go with it:

    • You outsource your customer support team QA using a company dedicated to the job.
    • You pay per call minute, not how long it takes to process, analyze, and score the call.
    • You pay $0.15 – $0.25 per call minute, depending on call volume.

    It is pretty easy to see why you would want to outsource your QA team by the cost savings alone. However, that is not the only reason.


    How do you and your call center team measure performance? There are various ways of ensuring you have an effective call center:

    • Key performance indicators
    • Customer experience through the understanding of customer interactions
    • Call volume
    • Individual agent performance

    The list can go on. However, measuring those performances as a call center services provider is the major challenge.

    Poor performance is too easy to slip into, even if your business and all of the operators have all the core competencies that you require.

    For inbound and outbound call center services, you need a Quality Assurance provider with the right contact center software, analytic tools, and the perfect blend of artificial intelligence mixed with a human element for checking.

    Furthermore, you need a customer support manager to increase your center operations proficiency.

    Sometimes, businesses find that task too daunting and too expensive to do themselves.

    That’s why outsourcing your QA can dramatically increase your quality; QA is our job.


    One of the largest downfalls of any in-house QA team is the inability to stay neutral and impartial. It doesn’t matter how much of a dedicated team you have.

    No amount of agent coaching can stop your Quality Assurance team from interacting with your customer support operations staff.

    It is only natural that they will become friends, leading to bias, something we see all the time.

    Customer interaction is the biggest of key performance indicators in terms of quality of service.

    Unfortunately, when you have QA staff and customer support agents being friends, you will see that bias, and you need an extremely powerful tool to combat it if you can at all.

    With an outsourced team, you can monitor all outgoing and incoming calls; even within an internal call center, you know that all of the QA staff are doing their job, regardless of who the agent or caller is.

    An offshore team dedicated to Quality Assurance is likely even better than a local one, as there is a much lower chance of the agents knowing each other.


    Customer loyalty is never something you can take for granted; it is always earned. It is challenging to get it first, but you need a deeper understanding and conversational intelligence to keep it that way.

    However, having reliability in your QA performance management processes is not easy, either.

    Quality Monitoring is one of those business aspects that, once you have the process sorted, it can slip very easily. You need to know that, no matter what, you are getting accurate results every time.

    In fact, reliability is so important in Quality Assurance that it becomes one of the more relevant core business processes.

    As we explained above, you need to know that your QA staff are doing their job right, with the right analytics tools, every single time, and that you have a customer support manager to back up the results.

    When you use an outsourced QA company, you know that they are reliable and they have all of the necessary contact center software for your requirements.

    That is even the case when new technology becomes available; you know that you will always be getting the best technology for a lower cost than doing it yourself – without the stress of maintenance.

    QA Flexibility

    There are some essential elements to getting your quality assurance right. The truth is, you never know your exact call volume, especially not taking into account the call minutes.

    Even outbound call centers that plan for a certain number of outgoing calls a day will never know how long they will last. That’s why flexibility in your call center quality assurance is vital.

    When you have more calls to handle, you need to factor in your cost of expansion to your QA team.

    However, as with a wide range of industries, your annual growth rate may never be the same from one year to another.

    Worse still, you may find that you have dips in your call rate. That can cause a huge cost of expansion for you to have QA teams sitting and doing nothing.

    One of the biggest cost savings you can have here is using outsourced call center Quality Assurance specialists to handle the QA business process for you.

    As we handle many thousands of calls a month, we understand that there are ups and downs in call numbers.

    Therefore, we offer tailored plans for those businesses, and you only ever pay for the work we do.

    We offer huge flexibility to our contracts, which can also be a great way for you to take on new clients on a trial basis without factoring in permanent QA analysts and supervisors.


    Onshore or offshore outsourcing isn’t always the first option for call center QA.

    However, the internal processes of a call center service quality assurance team are not always capable of meeting the demands, of companies who are dedicated to outsourced call center QA.

    Outsourcing can be an extremely powerful tool if you use the right prospective outsourcing provider.

    We can help you in reducing your outgoings and increase your quality while being highly reliable and flexible.

    If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, please contact us for a free demo.