February 11, 2021

Penny Pinching Tips for Call Centers

When it comes to operating your call center efficiently, time spent away from the phones and the phone can be costly to your company. Whether your company’s business is sales or collections, it is important that the company’s time is being used wisely. Here are a few tips that may help you get to cut down some of your costs and help your call center be more productive.

Minimize the Tech

With so many new innovations in this technological era, you may be tempted to upgrade your call center’s software as well. However, before you start shelling out the big bucks, you should take a close look at where your system needs improving and where it already excels.
For instance, if you are an outbound call center and sales are your goal, you would want the ability to contact as many people as possible to maximize the chances of getting a sale. However, rather than upgrade your entire system, you may find that your current system is good enough. All you may need is an employee training session to help teach your reps how to minimize their talk time. Having faster technology may not benefit you much if the talk times are still lengthy.

Manage Your Time Clocks

When you pay employees by the hour, sometimes they may take more than an adequate amount of breaks during the day. Try giving your employees a set number of allowed breaks per day to ensure that maximum work gets done and that productivity is high.
You can also help increase productivity by having employees come to work a little earlier and get the system booted up. You can ask them to come in early to turn things on, but you have to pay them for booting up. Extra pay is always a good incentive, so they should be happy to oblige.

Limit Classroom Training

Like most call centers, you probably have an initial training class for your new hires in which they are versed in the company terminology, standard protocols, and scripts. Many of these training periods can take anywhere from two weeks to a month. However, even after trainees pass the program, they still need additional coaching and lots of assistance once on the floor.
Rather than have a lengthy in-class training period, try shortening it significantly and do the bulk of the training with live calls and a coach. The main thing is that the trainee knows how to properly code the calls to not have too much empty air time. However, having your trainees listen and watch as their trainer takes live calls can help them get the hang of things much quicker.
Remember, your employees are your biggest asset as well as your biggest expense. One of the best ways you can save on overhead is not by purchasing the best equipment but by maximizing your employees’ potential. Allowing your employees to be a part of the process by encouraging them to work smarter and more efficiently is the most cost-effective thing you can do. You can make a huge financial difference by carefully managing your call center to maximize profits.