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    February 12, 2021

    Techniques to Improve Call Center Performance Management

    Before you start to measure and monitor your call center performance, it is essential to ensure that you have an effective performance management model in place. Why? Because the performance management system will provide a precise definition of expected behaviors at the call center and the end goal for these stipulated expectations.

    Planning to Measure Current performance in Your Call Centre?

    Think of it like going to the doctor for a diagnosis. The doctor will have a specific definition of what is healthy or not. For example, what are the safe blood sugar levels or what’s a normal temperature? These definitions ensure both you and the doctor are on the same page on what’s healthy and what’s not.
    Similarly, to avoid ambiguity in your call center on what performance is expected, you need to develop a clear definition of what is healthy or rather a gold standard for performance.  For example,

    • Here’s what we want to see
    • Here’s our description of good performance
    • Here’s an example of what it sounds like when a call is done right
    • These are the behaviors we want

    Once everyone is on the same page, you need to measure current performance against the set expectations and continuously monitor the performance to ensure everyone is on the right track.
    Just like the doctor will run some tests and take your temperature to assess your current state of health, in the call center, an efficient call center QA service is used to measure current agent performance based on the organization’s gold standards. A custom scorecard is created for your call centre in the ideal case, ensuring agent performance is being measured against the right scorecard.
    Remember, failing to measure your agent’s current performance because you don’t have the time or, worse yet, leaving the whole process solely to the managers- means that you will not be managing performance throughout the year but instead evaluating only the results. Besides, your call center stands to benefit in various ways when you measure current performance.

    The benefits of measuring performance for both the managers and agents;

    • When you measure current performance, you get to show that you are doing an excellent job as a contact center.
    • By measuring performance, you can tell the difference between underachievement and outstanding performance, between successful and unsuccessful execution.
    • When you understand the difference between underachievement and exceptional performance, you can recognize and reward the overachievers while correcting and developing the underachievers.
    • When the right people are rewarded and given the necessary support required, motivation, and satisfaction at the contact center peak.
    • Managers who measure current performance can see where they should improve the work of their team.

    Benefits of Measuring Performance to Your Call Center

    • The performance management system and the process of measuring current performance will support your organization’s strategy and achievement of goals.
    • By monitoring performance at the call center, you can see whether you will achieve your set goals.
    • Measuring performance provides a benchmark for further development and adjustment of the performance management system and future targets.

    5 Important Elements of Measuring & Monitoring Current Performance at The Call Center

    As much as you have your expectations defined, you should also understand that measuring current performance and monitoring go hand in hand. This means that after you have set the expectations, there has to be someone tasked with gathering information and making the necessary analysis so you can get a clear picture of the actual performance against the set expectations to make informed decisions. Call center QA service providers like Call Criteria listen to your agents as they interact with the customers to provide actionable feedback on their performance.
    The next move is to ensure the following principles form the foundation of your measurement and monitoring plan;

    Outline your organizations KPIs

    Key performance indicators (KPIs) are measurable, monitorable, and visible signs that a task has been achieved or not. KPIs are one of the most powerful performance management tools for growing your call center when properly used. KPIs should be closely linked to your top-level goals as stipulated in your performance management system. For example, if one of your top goals is to improve the quality of customer services, the KPIs measured may include:

    • The number of customer complaints received
    • How long it takes to fulfill an order
    • The percentage of incoming calls answered within 40 seconds.

    Define the tools and methods for measuring and monitoring

    Now that you know what to measure, which tools will you use? For example, Call Criteria, a 3rd part QA service provider, will present real-time feedback on agent performance using custom scorecards. These reports can be accessed conveniently from a user-friendly dashboard and can also be integrated into existing CRM.

    Define your Schedule for measuring and monitoring

    While the achievements of some goals may be measured monthly and quarterly, others may require daily monitoring.

    Define your Resources

    Although measuring current performance at the call center yields its fair share of benefits, it’s not a cost-free affair. You also need to consider how much money you will need, the materials required, and the people to help.

    Assign Skilled People

    As a manager, you probably know that it’s impossible to get everything done on your own- at least not efficiently. Therefore, it is advisable to assign the measurement and monitoring process to experienced analysts to ensure everyone is applying their strengths where returns are likely to be highest. What’s more, when you outsource your call center performance management to a dedicated team like Call Criteria, you can always focus on your core objectives with the knowledge that experts measure and monitor your agents’ performance.

    Measure Current performance in Your Call Centre – Conclusion

    You can only grow what you measure. However, if you are having challenges in measuring and monitoring your call center’s performance, you can always reach out to Call Criteria. With an excess of 25 million minutes reviewed, we are experts in measuring and monitoring call center performance. Contact us today.