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    February 12, 2021

    Quality Assurance: Compliance and Image Protection

    Every business knows that leads are what keep profits coming in. Many companies may not realize that third-party lead generation companies can also destroy a company’s reputation. These lead generating, sales, and processing affiliates are often the primary contact that a business has with its customers. It is important to protect the reputation and ensure that compliance is maintained. The money spent on call centers to generate leads or process client requests must get the best return on cost. Quality assurance is the only way to ensure that a company’s reputation and compliance needs are kept.
    Some companies will try to hire their own audit staff or purchase expensive and hard to maintain software. This consumes resources that are better suited to focus on core business objectives. Not only is it costly, but internal quality assurance audits are often unreliable. There may be favoritism towards certain representatives, and bias will skew the results to the point of being useless.
    Call Criteria provides the best return on investment that a company can achieve. Using personal contact backed by industry-focused software, Call Criteria can effectively and efficiently ensure that call centers represent companies properly with the highest level of compliance. By removing the risk of bias, quality assurance is far more accurate and useful for creating standards and best practices in line with the rest of the industry.
    There is no reason for a company to waste resources, hire staff, support software, and train when Call Criteria provides the best quality assurance programs. Outsourcing quality assurance to Call Criteria blends the high quality of human review and the streamlined software automation process, without the risk of bias, skewed reports, and inaccurate data. Call Criteria focuses on what is important to call centers; compliance, service, and reputation.