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    January 19, 2023

    Why Do Businesses Use Quality Assurance Software?

    Quality assurance software can be used by any industry that has an interaction with customers or clients, such as call centers and customer service departments.

    The most common uses of QA are:

    Customer Service – Ensuring that all calls are answered correctly and handled efficiently in real time. In addition, ensuring that employees follow company policies when interacting with customers.

    Call Centers – Ensuring that incoming phone lines are working properly. Also, make sure that agents handle each caller courteously and professionally.

    Agent performance monitored through QA is the foundation of great contact center performance.

    Audit – To ensure the accuracy of data entered into systems.

    For example, if you have a system that records information about your sales transactions, it’s critical that this information is accurate. If not, then there could be serious consequences. You may lose money, get sued, etc.

    Which Call Center is Most Suitable for Quality Assurance programs?

    As mentioned above, as long as you are within an industry where there is a focus on customer service, customer experience, or anything related to customer interaction,  quality assurance programs(also known as quality control) become a very essential tool.

    Ideally, QA becomes more effective with greater amounts of call center agents. Medium size call centers usually employ between 15 and 50 agents.

    These companies often offer more complex products and services. And large call centers typically have over 100 agents on staff.

    They also tend to provide higher levels of support than smaller call centers do and therefore have greater quality requirements to fulfill.

    Quality assurance software dashboard. Combine your quality assurance programs for call center.
    The quality assurance software dashboard

    The following list shows some popular industries using QA in their call center.

    This list includes only those industries that we’ve found through our own research and clientele, but there really is no limit since a majority of successful companies have call centers.

    • Healthcare: Medicare agencies, hospitals, patient care, pharmacies, etc.
    • Education: Universities, colleges, learning centers, tutoring centers, IT student support, etc.
    • Financial Services: Banking, credit union, accounting firm, debt conciliation, etc.
    • Home services: Plumbing, installation, electrical, landscaping, junk removal, etc.
    • Automotive: Dealerships, car rental companies, maintenance, appointment booking, etc.
    • Entertainment: Streaming services, cable providers, sports leagues, etc.
    • Retail: eCommerce, fashion, electronics, etc.

    Why Would a Company Want to Use Quality Assurance software?

    There are many reasons why companies choose to implement a call center quality assurance program. Some of these include:

    Ensures Accuracy & Reliability: When using quality assurance systems, you’re able to verify that everything being done is correct, especially through precise artificial intelligence.

    It also ensures reliability because nothing will ever happen without proper testing first.

    Improves Customer Satisfaction: If you provide excellent customer service, chances are good that your customers will return again and again, boosting customer loyalty.

    However, if something goes wrong during one of your interactions, it makes sense to make things right so that you won’t lose future business.

    Reduces Costs: It costs more than just time to train new hires. Training them well takes time and effort. But once trained, it only requires minimal maintenance.

    Agent productivity can be met through the real-time solutions quality assurance offers during phone call interactions.

    Maintains Agent Engagement: The best way to keep a call center agent engaged is by providing opportunities for growth and development.

    Within the quality assurance process, you’ll find ways to improve agent skills and knowledge while keeping them motivated to meet business goals.

    Outsourced Call Center Quality Assurance

    Why you Should Outsource Quality Assurance

    What Are Some Quality Assurance Programs Examples?

    Examples of quality assurance in a call center are many and varied. Here are just a few examples from different industries.

    Example 1: Quality Assurance software program for Healthcare Industry

    In healthcare, one of the biggest challenges facing providers today is how they will manage rising costs while maintaining high standards of care.

    One way to address these issues is to use technology to improve efficiency and reduce errors.

    A good example of this would be implementing voice recognition software in order to automate certain processes. Another option is to implement automated testing tools like QA.

    By doing so, you’ll be able to test new features before they’re implemented, which helps prevent costly mistakes.

    Example 2: Quality Assurance software program for Financial Services Industry

    One of the most common complaints among customers who deal with financial institutions is poor customer service.

    Many people feel frustrated and angry after being treated poorly by representatives at banks, credit unions, insurance agencies, mortgage brokers, payday lenders, etc.

    To avoid future frustrations, it’s best for a call center manager to implement a quality assurance software program to provide a better quality of service.

    The goal here is to make sure all employees understand what policies apply when dealing with clients and follow them diligently.

    It can help to train everyone involved in handling calls, including account managers, loan officers, collection specialists, etc. because each call center agent has his/her own unique set of responsibilities.

    Example 3: Quality Assurance software program for Education Industry

    University call centers play a vital role in providing students with information about courses, admissions, scholarships, campus life, student organizations, career opportunities, and much more.

    However, if not properly managed, university call centers may become ineffective due to low employee morale, lack of training, and other factors.

    In addition, universities must ensure that every aspect of their operations runs smoothly, especially during peak times such as finals week.

    Therefore, it makes sense to invest time and money into a QA software tool that ensures the quality process goes according to plan.

    Call Center Managed QA-Monitor Quality with CallCriteria

    Call Center Managed QA

    How Can I Implement Quality Assurance software in My Business?

    Within your contact center environment, there are several ways to incorporate quality assurance software into your business model.

    For instance, some companies choose to outsource their entire operation to an external provider.

    This allows them to focus on running their core businesses without having to worry about managing day-to-day activities and internal processes. Other options include using cloud computing or virtualization technologies.

    These allow you to run multiple applications within a single server, making it easier to scale up or down depending on demand.

    Finally, many vendors offer turnkey solutions that integrate various aspects of your company’s workflow together.

    With these types of systems, you don’t have to do any programming yourself; instead, you simply configure settings based on your needs.

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    All in all, quality assurance and quality control software can benefit various industries. It provides the ability to track performance metrics, identify problems before they occur, and implement fixes quickly when necessary.

    As long as you know what type of solution will best fit your call center’s specific needs, then you should be able to find one that satisfies your business model.

    Quality assurance software can provide real value to your organization, so make sure you take advantage of this opportunity! If you are interested in learning about our quality assurance solutions, contact us today!