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    February 11, 2021

    Quality Assurance: The Questions you Need to Ask

    Call center quality assurance is, for most call centers, an objective that is easier said than done. However, it is undeniably a vital aspect of everyday operations, which leads to significant dividends in improving, exposing, and correcting weaknesses and further enhancing customer service, so the result is improved contact center performance.
    Still, when selecting a 3rd party call center quality assurance program, there are several questions that you need to ask for the sake of making an informed decision. For example, you need to ask pricing questions as these can make or break a deal instantly. You also need to ask questions regarding the features or tools that make up the quality assurance program in question. Consequently, when your QA solution provider answers your questions, you will be able to ascertain whether the program will be of benefit to your business.

    QA Pricing Questions

    Pricing system

    To ensure that your budgeting forecast is accurate, it is vital to ask how your quality solutions’ pricing system works. Let them break it down for you until you have a clear understanding of how each dime is spent and the value that it provides for your business.

    Set-up charges

    More often than not, set up charges may be excluded from the pricing package since they are considered separate. Be sure to ask your QA solution upfront to avoid hidden costs that are often a nasty surprise.

    Payment fluctuation

    There have been reports of call center quality assurance firms that offer enticing starting monthly payments to inform their clients that the charges had been heavily discounted. To avoid such surprises, it is best to ask beforehand and request a breakdown of what your monthly payment will look like a year down the line. You should also strive to partner with competent and reliable QA solution providers like Call Criteria that are dedicated to serving their clients in the most scrupulous manner possible. Such firms will offer free quotes and do not condone hidden charges.

    Training fees

    If the QA program provided is complex or the training technique is costly, the charges for training can quickly snowball. You need to ask this question to allocate an adequate amount for it in your budget or assess whether the program is too difficult to use, in which case, it would be better to source from another quality assurance firm.

    Return on Investment

    A competent QA solution provider will always guarantee ROI; in fact, asking this question is probably the best way to gauge whether you are getting into the right deal with the right kind of people. It would be best to keep in mind that a paid option will always be cheaper in labor and manual efforts. However, be wary of con artists that will charm their way into your pockets only to leave you without any return on your investments and an empty pocket.

    QA Features & Tools Questions


    Surprised? Although transparency is rarely considered a high priority feature of QA programs, when you are going through reports and can’t seem to understand anything, only to find out that you cannot dig any deeper into the report and understand what lies behind the lines on the graphs, then you get to understand why transparency is such a crucial feature for QA programs. Transparency is the feature in a QA program that feeds your curiosity, allows you to comprehend what you are looking at, and empowers you to credit or discredit the information you presented with. For example, if you have a report listing your top and lowest performers, you do not have to take the quality analyst’s words at face value; you can easily see their scorecards and assess for yourself.

    Detailed Reports

    To implement real change in any call center, a manager must be able to dissect information effectively. This can be achieved by utilizing detailed reporting tools and through complementary high-level logging of QA scores. Besides, quality analysts are only as good as the information they work with. Call Criteria, a professional QA solutions provider, takes great pride in its ability to provide contact centers with the metrics required to ensure KPI’s are met. It also provides detailed insight into outbound campaign performance for managers, among other accurate and detailed reports, which provide managers with the capacity to delve further into the data that really matters to them.

    Email Alerts

    Although having an email alert overload can be frustrating, email alerts unarguably give you peace of mind knowing that you are not missing out on anything. Regardless of whether you are facing a crisis or have a deadline looming, email alerts will notify you if and when anything critical happens.

    Easy-to-edit QA forms

    To stay on top of your game, it is important to quickly and easily edit your QA forms. The best QA solution providers will provide QA forms that are easy to edit and can therefore be altered to reflect the interactions your call center agents have today to enforce ever-changing compliance measures and internal regulations. The call center is one of the most dynamic workplaces, which is why you need to ensure that your QA firm has this feature to prevent extra costs on hiring consultants to make the changes for you.
    It’s just not enough to have any quality assurance provider catering to the needs of your business. You need a competent, reliable, professional, and affordable QA solution provider dedicated to helping you achieve your call center’s set objectives. So do yourself a favor and ask these questions before choosing a 3rd party QA provider to ensure you get the services you need and deserve.