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Actionable Data - Complete Control

Creating an actionable plan requires correct data that are easy to understand and monitor.

  • Immediate Turnaround Time
  • Consistent Quality Measurement
  • Increase Customer Retention and Satisfaction
  • Agent Standards That Match Yours
Quality Assurance
Multiple Tier Calibrations

Multi-Tier Calibrations

Single calibrations are a thing of the past. Welcome to multi-step calibrations that ensure accuracy every time across the whole team.

  • QA Team Alignment
  • Supervisor Agreement
  • Full Accountability Management
  • Weekly Calibration Sessions


Our Accuracy Matters

Increase Speed With The Efficiency Of Artificial Intelligence Data Collection

Humans do not have the speed that AI can deliver, which stops you from gaining the data needed to run your business with maximum efficiency.

Utilize the power of AI

  • Speed
  • Power
  • Accuracy
  • Efficiency

Increase AI Accuracy With First-Line Human Verification

Although AI is swift, the information needs to be verified. Without verification, the data could be inaccurate and produce false positives and negatives.

Human Verification

  • Human accuracy
  • Higher certainty
  • Increased efficiency
  • Better performance

Increase Human Accuracy With Up To Three Levels Of Blind Review

Call Criteria analysts will blindly review an interaction up to 3 times based on the calls where AI determines differences between reviews and its analysis.

Human Recheck

  • Analyst verification
  • Complete certainty
  • Better efficiency
  • 99.5% accuracy

Ensure Your Team Remains Accountable For All Actions Within The Call Criteria Dashboard

Identify which of your Supervisors are actively reviewing calls that have problems and those that are not coaching and training their agents.

Accountability Management

  • Confidence
  • Performance
  • Compliance
  • Stress-free QA
Using Speech Analytics

Using Speech Analytics and Human Precision To Your Advantage

Achieve automated call quality monitoring through the use of our AI technology

99 %


Our perfected blend of computers and humans guarantee more accurate results

78 %

Cost Reduction

Paying only for call minutes and not overhead has an immediate ROI impact

Focus On Actionable Insights

Focus on Actionable Insights

We provide Quality Analysis that provides actionable insights to improve your service and ROI.

  • Data Collection
  • Coaching Management
  • Live Dashboard
  • Dedicated Account Manager


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