What is Sentiment Analysis?

Statistics and numbers can only give you half of the picture. Quickly identify the calls where the customer is unhappy. Only when you have that full picture can you make truly informed decisions about how to direct your agents and company.

  • Positive: Know when your customers are actually happy
  • Neutral: Understand where you can do better
  • Negative: See where you need major reform of your process

How Sentiment Analysis Helps

Gain a deep understanding of your customer intentions and feelings to predict future actions of customers.

Fine Gained Analysis

Fine-Grained Analysis

Gain an understanding of the feedback you get from your customers.

  • Polarity

  • Feedback

  • Understanding

Emotion Detection

Emotion Detection

Our deep machine learning to separate terms based on their emotion and sentiment.

  • Feelings

  • Emotions

  • Reasons

Intent Analysis

Intent Analysis

Accurately predict if a customer intends to act according to what was stated.

  • Predict

  • Adapt

  • Target

How Sentiment Analysis Works

  • Sentiment Analysis
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    Sentiment Analysis

    Hybrid System

    Rule-based and automatic approaches ensure complete accuracy.

  • Sentiment Analysis
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    Sentiment Analysis

    Deep Learning

    Our systems update with every call to keep the information relevant.

  • Sentiment Analysis
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    Sentiment Analysis

    Classifier Model

    The creation of models help predict future outcomes.

  • Sentiment Analysis
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    Sentiment Analysis

    Human Validation

    Ensure accuracy by utilizing human resources to validate results.


Other Areas Of Expertise

Sentiment Analysis

Speech Analytics

The most sophisticated voice analytics on the market for quick accuracy

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Sentiment Analysis

Quality Assurance

The perfect combination of human hearing and AI for complete control

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Sentiment Analysis


Coach your team to complete success with our dedicated coaching dashboard

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Sentiment Analysis

Humans for AI

Utilize our scalable human resources to continuously train and optimize your AI models

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Further Information and FAQs


We have developed our own application specifically for call center analytics.

Yes, our dedicated speech analytics team will help craft your initial queries and help continuously optimize them as humans validate the results.

We are the only solution on the market that ensures accuracy by removing all false positives with human review.


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